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Build 2980

Releases June 2017

Functionality Changes
  • Miscellaneous address fixes.
  • Address Object will now except US Territories as a valid Country code.

Build 2961

Released May 2017

Functionality Changes
  • Miscellaneous address fixes.
  • Upadated addresses on state line borders that were returning an incorrect county name and FIPS codes.
  • Improving accuracy on identifying Business and residential addresses(RBDI).

Build 2951

Released April 2017

  • All window binaries have been updated and time stamped using Sha-256 code signing certificate. This change does not require any code update.
Functionality Changes
  • Miscellaneous address fixes.
  • Upadated addresses on state line borders that were returning an incorrect county name and FIPS codes.

Build 2921

Released February 2017

Compatibility Warning
  • The USPS has mandated the sole use of a new data encryption for the US data files to come into effect in August, 2017. We will begin rolling out this newly encrypted data files next month along with an Address Object update that will use this new data. Older Address Objects will not be able to use this new data and the new Address Object will not be able to use the old data. To facilitate transition, we will provide both the new and the old version of the data file until the August deadline. This means that by the August deadline, all customers will be required to update to the newer version of address object that uses the newly encrypted files. Afterwards the old data files will no longer be produced and un-updated address objects will not have any new files to use.
More information will be available soon as we release the new data and object.

Build 2896

Released January 2017

Functionality Changes
  • Miscellaneous address fixes.
  • Reporting the correct result codes for Canadian addresses with Range errors.

Build 2866

Released November 2017

Functionality Changes
  • New ResultCode AS11 – PBSA Address – A Post Office Box address with a street style address instead of the normal PO Box # address format.
  • Miscellaneous address fixes.
  • Improved reporting back the correct result code for Canadian addresses with missing suites or incorrect suite.

Build 2853

Released October 2016

Functionality Changes
  • New ResultCode AS11 – PBSA Address – A Post Office Box address with a street style address instead of the normal PO Box # address format.
  • Miscellaneous address fixes.
  • Improved reporting back the correct result code for Canadian addresses with missing suites or incorrect suite.

Build 2819

Released August 2016

Functionality Changes
  • We have had to revert some of the recent changes that increased the number of addresses identified as a business or a residence due to a small percentages of these changes being incorrect. You should see more Unknowns but should also remove these erroneous classifications. We will be working to improve business and residential identification again and improve it step by step.

Build 2804

Released July 2016

Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • Miscellaneous address fixes
  • Upper/Lower casing improvements in parsed properties
  • SQL extended procedure fix for 64-bit platform
  • Enhancements in Residential and Business notification(RBDI)
  • Speed improvements with Canadian addresser in ZipData and Street Data interface only.

Build 2788

Released June 2016

Interface Changes
  • New result code AS24
Functionality Changes
  • Address Object now has the ability to identify USPS DOOR NOT ACCESSIBLE(DNA) Addresses. A New result code(AS24) will be appended when the object identifies a DNA address.
  • Fix some unique addresses that were taking a bit too long to verify.
Data File Changes
  • Data Update
  • Address Object now requires a new data file dph.hsn when initializing DPV.

Build 2777

Released May 2016

Interface Changes
  • Added new methods and properties.
Functionality Changes
  • Melissa Address Key (MAK) is a new output available only from Melissa data. The MAK is a time persistent key that identifies an address with a unique number. This number will stay attached to that address and will not change even if parts of that address change. This is what sets the MAK apart from our current AddressKey output. With AddressKey, if an address changes zip code, zip+4, or gets a new delivery point, their AddressKey would change. Under MAK, it will not. So, MAK is a good way to permanently identify and locate addresses. With this new system, there are two new outputs available.
Output Name Definition
MAK The Melissa Address Key number for this address
BASEMAK This will give you the unique MAK number for the building, if the MAK address is a suite or apartment address.
  • SetUseUSPSPreferredCityNames() have been modified to return the USPS preferred city name.
  • Improved casing with parse fields.
  • Address object now has the ability to identify Post Office Box Street Addresses(PBSA)
  • Fixed Canadian addresses where the result code is returning AS02 and the verify method returns "False"
  • Fixed 32 bit only crash with junk data in the address line.
Data File Changes
  • Data Update
  • New MAK Data Files(mdAddrKey.db)

Build 2735

Released February 2016

Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • Address object is now certified in Canadians Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). This release of Address Object will use the new Point of Call data from (mdCanadaPOC.db) to validate postal addresses and generate Statements of Accuracy (SOA). The Point of Call data is much more accurate and can identify all deliverable addresses in Canada.
However, this also means a significantly increased file size as well as some speed loss due to this new bigger data file.
Data File Changes
  • Renamed mdCanada3.db to mdCanadaPOC.db

Build 2710

Released December 2015

Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • Fixed a crash with particular addresses and SetUseUSPSPreferredCityNames to true.
  • Improved and Simplified Change codes.
  • Corrected a slight number of addresses on state line borders that were returning an incorrect county name and FIPS codes.
Data File Changes
  • None

Build 2408

Released July 2014

Functionality Changes
  • Misc fixes
  • AE17 is no longer returned for unnecessary suites. It confused many people being an AE code when it really does not affect deliverability. It is now part of the AS23 code that indicates extraneous information.
Please see the reference manual for more information.
Data File Changes
  • Fixed issues with Suitefinder where the incorrect suite name can be appended when a complex has multiple suite names with the same suite range.

Build 2381

Released June 2014

Functionality Changes
  • Misc fixes
  • AE17 is no longer returned for unnecessary suites. It confused many people being an AE code when it really does not affect deliverability. It is now part of the AS23 code that indicates extraneous information.
Please see the reference manual for more information.
Data File Changes
  • Fixed issues with Suitefinder where the incorrect suite name can be appended when a complex has multiple suite names with the same suite range.

Build 2362

Released May 2014

Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • Fixed display issue with the CASS HTML form
  • Improved our soundexing algorithm to code more records
  • Misc fixes
  • Fixed bug where some addresses would take a very long time to find a suggestion using FindSuggestion(). Now, the max time is capped at 3 seconds.
  • AE17 is no longer returned for unnecessary suites. It confused many people being an AE code when it really does not affect deliverability. It is now part of the AS23 code that indicates extraneous information.
Please see the reference manual for more information.
Data File Changes
  • Significantly increased the size of the SuiteFinder database. This will allow us to append more suites than before.

Build 2288

Released February 2014

Functionality Changes
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the input had a large amount of special characters like * and #
  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Improved coding rate for Non-USPS (AS03) records
  • Fixed a display issue with the CASS 3553 reports

Build 2269

Released October 2013

Functionality Changes
  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Improved speed when using CASSEnable = true

Build 2225

Released July 2013

Functionality Changes
  • Some fixes made to improve performance under multi-threaded environment

Build 2214

Released July 2013

Data Quality Suite Global Changes
  • New GetResultCodeDescription Method
All objects now contain a new method named GetResultCodeDescription. This method will take a result code (ie: "AS01") and return either a short or long text description. Is method uses a new enumeration ResultCdDescOpt. A recompile is necessary to use this new method.
Data File Changes
  • Elot data files will no longer be available on the DQSuite disc download. Elot is only used by Address Object for presorting purposes. If you require the Elot data files, please contact your sales representative. The setup on this disc will remove previous Elot data files to prevent conflicts in data freshness.
Interface Changes
  • Added new GetResultCodeDescription method to return a short or long text description of a result code.

Build 2149

Released March 2013

Data Quality Suite Global Changes
  • Deprecated License Keys - Removed old Grandfather License Keys. If your License Key looks like "12A-23B-123C" rather than "ABdj439=-nd73hBEm2kl1=2nfdHaljksnd" then your License Key will no longer work.
Please contact a Melissa Data sales representative to ensure you have a valid License Key at 1-800-800-6245 x4 or
Interface Changes
  • Added new GetAutoCompletion() and ResetAutoCompletion() methods for AutoCompletion Functionality in the StreetData interface.
Functionality Changes
  • New AutoCompletion functionality. Now, you can enter an incomplete address and get all the possible completed address to build address auto-fill capabilities in your application.
Please look in the Address Object manual under the Street Data documentation for more details.
  • Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes.

Build 2085

Released November 2012

Unix Installer
  • Updated to version 1.6.1 to fix ROOT install issue
Functionality Changes
  • Thread safety enhancements
  • Fixed issue with Certain LACS RESULT codes

Build 2057

Released September 2012

Data Quality Suite Global Changes
  • Linux Installer - has been deprecated. It now points to
  • Sample Code - Added PL/SQL wrappers
Functionality Changes
  • Find suggestion should now always return result codes
  • Bug fixed that would show parsed results for Address2 instead of Address1 if both Address1 and Address2 are filled and cannot be verified.
  • Fixed bug with AddressPlus returning the same suite for different names at the same building.
  • Improved Puerto Rico coding and speed.
  • Fixed misc bugs.

Build 1974

Released April 2012

Functionality Changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused most CRMA addresses not to be marked as CRMA.
  • Changed the AddressKey formats for non-USPS (AS03) addresses. They can now contain 'A', 'B', or 'C' instead of 'X'.

Data Quality Suite Global Changes
  • Code Signing Updated.
  • The code singing certificates have been updated for all our of our libraries.
  • HP-UX Itanium Removed.
  • Melissa Data is discontinuing support for HP-UX Itanium builds. They will no longer be included with the DQSuite.

Dual Layer DVD
  • The Data Quality Suite DVD is now using a dual layer DVD instead of a single layer DVD. We do not anticipate any issues with this change as most if not all DVD players should support both single and dual layer formats.

Build 1960

Released March 2012

Compatibility Summary
  • Address: 3 new methods/properties. There should be no backwards compatibility issues but users who want to use the new methods/properties will have to alter their code.

Interface Changes
  • New method/property SetStandardizationType. This will allow users to change the format of the verified address to short format (default), long format, or auto. Please see the manual for more details.
  • New method/property SetSuiteParseMode. This will allow users to change specify if the suite is parsed into the Suite field or at the end of Address1. Please see the manual for more details.
  • New method/property SetAliasMode. This will allow users to specify whether to convert alias street names or not. Please see the manual for more details.

Functionality Changes
  • New soundexing and fuzzy matching algorithms are now in place to match more addresses with typos or spelling errors.
  • Miscellaneous fixes made to address parsing.
  • Fixed a few minor issues relating to unique postal code addresses.

Data Files Changes
  • Reduced the size of the Suite Link data file (mdSuiteLink.dat). This will not affect any results.

Build 1895

Released December 2011

Interface Changes
  • No Changes

Functionality Changes
  • Various soundexing improvements to improve address coding quality for middle to poor quality addresses
  • Fixed bug with Non-USPS addresses and Disable Address Swapping in the COM Object.
  • Fixed a bug with the USPS CASS form total records number including Canadian records.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect LOT numbers for UNIX platforms.

Data Files Changes
  • No Changes

Build 1876

Released October 2011

Interface Changes
  • Added new result code AS03 - Non-USPS Address.
  • New StandardizationType property which will allow you to choose the format of the output address. The possible values are ShortFormat (St), LongFormat (Street), or AutoFormat. Please see the manual for more details.
  • New AddressKey property added to Address Object. This key is returned after verification of an addressed and will used as input to other services and objects like Geocoding and Delivery Indicator.

Functionality Changes
  • Address Object introduced DeliveryPlus. We have added up to 5 million Non-USPS addresses. These are real physical addresses that are not serviced by the USPS but may be deliverable by a third party carrier like UPS or FedEx. Please see the manual for details on the new result code, AS03.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Address Object when an invalid LastLine of over 200 characters was entered.
  • Address Object AddressCheck interface now supports SQL Server extended stored procedures. Please look in the interfaces/sql directory for samples and instructions.
  • Several code optimizations to improve memory handling within Address Object were made.
  • Fixed a bug where dual Canadian addresses entered resulted in some data being lost during verification.
  • Fixed misc. bugs.

Data File Changes
  • Non-USPS address data added.

Global Changes
  • New Licensing Mechanism
  • Melissa Data is introducing a new License Key mechanism. Instead of individual License Keys for each product, we can now issue one License Key to enable every object you are using. Additionally, this License key can be set as a environment variable (MD_LICENSE). This way, License Keys can be changed or swapped out without recompiling your application. Of course, the current method of setting your License Key will still work. Please reference the documentation under SetLicenseString for more details. A FAQ is also available here:

Build 1816

Released July 2011

Interface Changes
  • Added new result code AC14 - Suite range changed

Functionality Changes
  • Address Object is compliant with USPS Cycle N changes. SuiteLink add-on is now required to generate a CASS form (SetCassEnable(1)).
  • Suite changes for alias, Suitelink, and AddressPlus addresses will now also trigger suite change codes (AC13 and AC14).
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused limited suggestions to be generated by FindSuggestion()
  • Urbanizations in the Address2 field will now be removed from Address2 and moved into the Urbanization field.

Data File Changes
  • mdRBDI.dat file updated to improve accuracy.

Global Changes
  • Presort Removed From Data Quality Suite
    Presort Object has been removed from the Data Quality Suite DVD and will now reside on its own disc.
  • Canadian data file now included on the disc
    The Canadian data file, previously only available as a download, will now be installed with the DQ Suite disc. Additionally, the expiration for the Canadian file has been extended to 105 days, similar to the US data files.
  • Automated download scripts added to the extras folder
    New scripts for automating the download and update procedure for Address, Name, Phone, Email, and Geocoder objects are now located in the extras directory. Currently, they are only available for Windows but a Linux version is in the works. They are not supported and we recommend you go through them to understand how and when to use them.
  • Windows setup no longer automatically installs adobe reader
    Adobe Reader is available in the extras folder but the windows setup.exe will no longer automatically install it if it is currently missing. This was done to make automating the install easier.

Build 1766

Released April 2011

Interface Changes
  • Street Data has added a new DeliveryInstallation field. This field contains Canadian delivery installations and will not return any data for US street data searches.

Functionality Changes
  • MSA and PMSA fields will stop returning data since they have been deprecated by the Census Bureau for over 10 years and will now return an empty string. Please contact your sales representative if you still require this data. It can be made available as a file download.
  • Minor address correction issues for Canadian fixed.
  • Minor issue regarding country code fixed.

Build 1730

Released February 2011

New Features
  • New Result Codes
    A number of new Result codes are now available. Please reference the Address Object manual for these new Results codes and details for each.
  • Fix country code handling
    Address Object will now label an address as foreign is it has a legitimate country code that is not "US" or "CA".
  • Change in SOA form
    The old Canada Post SOA (Statement of Accuracy) form has been changed. Canada Post no longer allows 3rd party tool providers to be SERP certified, so Address Object cannot produce official SOA forms anymore. Calling GetSOAForm() or SaveSOAForm() will now return a general Summary of Addresses form.
  • FindSuggestion Changes
    Implemented a time limit of FinSuggestion() and FindSuggestionNext(). Will also only return suggestion for AE02, AE03, and AE05 errors.
  • Congressional file updated
    110th.dbf has been updated to Congress.dbf and contains the 112th congress information.
  • Canadian StreetData searches now fully supported
    FindStreet searches for Canada are now fully supported. Search for PO Box, CP, or RR will now return Canadian data.

Build 1663

Released September 2010

New Features
  • New LACSLink and SuiteLink data files
    LACSLink® and SuiteLinkTM datafiles for Address Object have been merged into one file each namely: mdLacs.dat, and mdSuiteLink.dat. To leverage the enhanced performance and stability this affords, the Address Object library will need to be updated when installing these new data files. This build requires the use of these new files. It cannot use the older format LACSLink or SuiteLink data files.
  • Updated CASS form template.

Bug Fixes
  • Fix some inconsistent address results across different platforms.
  • Fix issue of truncating Canadian address ranges at 6 digits.
  • Fixed issue of swapped suffix and street name for a certain address.
  • Improved tie-breaking feature for Canadian addresses with multiple possible matches.
  • Fixed return value for InitializeErrorString and InitializeDataFiles for a certain situation where data files are not present.
  • Fixed the issue of changing the zip format for Canadian addresses that do not code.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to pass in the ZipCodeOnly parameter in FindStreet using SQL Server T-SQL.
  • Made a number of fixes to FindSuggestion function to improve the quality of suggested results.

Build 1609

Released June 2010

New Functionality
  • New Suggestion Feature
    Interface Changes: FindSuggestion() and FindSuggestionNext() methods added to AddressCheck
    Details: This new feature allows you to find alternative suggested addresses if an input address does not validate. If you received an error code for the address:
if(FindSuggestion() == 1)
{Display address output properties for first suggestion;}
while(FindSuggestionNext() == 1)
{Display address output properties for next suggestion;}
Please reference the manual for details.
  • New Canadian Engine
    Interface Changes: ParsedRouteService, ParsedLockBox, and ParsedDeliveryInstallation properties added to AddressCheck
    Details: We have a new Canadian verification engine that has fixed many of the issues we have had with our previous engine. Additionally, we have added ParsedRouteService, ParsedLockBox, and ParsedDeliveryInstallation properties for parsed components of an Canadian address. These components only apply to Canadian addresses.
  • Canadian Support for the Parse Interface
    Interface Changes: RouteService, LockBox, and DeliveryInstallation properties and ParseCanadian() method added to Parse.
    Details: We have added support for Canadian addresses to our Parse Interface. To use, pass a Canadian address into ParseCanadian(). RouteService, LockBox, and DeliveryInstallation properties were added to hold canadian only address components. Please see manual for more details.
  • Canadian Support for ZipData Interface
    Interface Changes: None
    Details: Address Object ZipData Interface now supports Canadian postal codes in the FindZip, FindCityInState, and FindZipInCity searches.
  • Canadian Support for StreetData Interface
    Interface Changes: None
    Details: Address Object StreetData Interface now supports Canadian streets in the FindStreet search.

Bug Fixes
  • A crash when calling RBDI without calling any other property first has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in which the wrong city is returned if both the company and the address line contained company information.
  • Fixed a bug where the same PO Box was returned in Address1 and Address2 if two addresses were combined into one line on input.
  • Fixed a bug where CALI was not being recognized as California in the state field.
  • Fixed a bug where an address with a numerical company name and an address with no range was not validated.

Build 1567

Released March 2010

Bug Fix
  • Fixed a bug in which the SetPathToCanadaFiles() method did not work in T-SQL when using a char instead of a varchar for the path.
  • Fixed a bug with a few rare addresses where the pre-direction was being changed incorrectly.

Changed Functionality
  • Correction of incorrectly placed PMB's : Allowed Address Object to recognize an unnecessary suite as a private mailbox at a CMRA.
  • In compliance with CASS Cycle M changes, if a street address and a PO Box are both entered in the Address line, the street address now takes precedence and the PO Box is moved to Address2.
  • Street Match, Vacant, Alternate Delivery, and DPV Lookout Result codes added: Although not officially released, Result codes were available for use in the previous build. This build adds new Result codes for AS02: Address matched to street but suite invalid, AS16: Address vacant, AS17: Alternate Delivery AS18: Artifically generated address detected. Please see manual for more details.
  • State field allowable input expanded : The state input field can now take the full state name as well as slightly mispelled state names. Previously, only the first two letters in the state field were used.

New Functionality
  • Interface changes
    New Results property added: Address Object introduces Result Codes. Combined into a comma delimited string, Results contains all the status and errors into one location instead of in 3 separate properties (Status, ErrorCode, ErrorString). Also, new functionality has been added using Results.

Build 1473

Released December 2009

Bug Fix
  • ProgramStatus return from InitializeDataFiles() fixed
  • Fixed a bug where InitializeDataFiles() returned integers beyond the range of the ProgramStatus enumeration.

Build 1472

Released October 2009

Bug Fix
  • Fixed a bug in AIX and HP-UX where a very small percentage of addresses crashed when an address swap occurred.

Build 1451

Released August 2009

  • Address Object has been compiled in Visual Studio 2008. Running setup.exe will ensure the necessary libraries are installed. However, if you are installing the objects manually, you may need to install Visual Studio 2008 C++ x86 redistributable, which can be found in extras\redist.
  • This update of Address Object has been certified with the new CASS cycle M, which begins on July 31st, 2009.

Build 1431

Released June 2009

  • This updates adds three new data file sets
    • SuiteLink: A new postal requirement for Cycle M CASS™ (2009) processing. This dataset allows Address Object to append missing suite numbers when some business names and address are entered. CASS™ now requires DPV, LACSLink and SuiteLink. A new property PathToSuiteLinkDataFiles has been added to initialize this data set.
    • SuiteFinder: Compliment data set to SuiteLink. This dataset allows Address Object to append missing suite numbers to residential addresses when a last name is provided. A new property PathToSuiteFinderDataFiles has been added to initialize this data set.
    • eLot: Allows Address Object to return Lot order and Lot number sequence used with bulk mail toolkits such as Presort Object to qualify for carrier route line of travel rates. To use, place this data set in the same directory as your DPV data files.

  • This update uses the new Canadian data set. A new Canadian data file named mdCanada3.db has been distributed with the Canadian update since May 2009. This update will require that data file instead of the previous set of data files (mdCanada.db, IndxKey1.txt, IndxDic1.txt). This update contains significant speed increases for Canadian address lookups, specifically with missing components such as Postal Codes.

Build 1395

Released April 2009

  • The Address Object now is now using a new Parsing Technology. This new Parser was designed to improve the number of imperfect addresses that the Address Object is able to verify. With the new Address Object Parser, several Addresses which were not recognized before, are now being verified properly.

Build 1352

Released October 2008

Fixed the following issues
  • Miscellaneous Casing issues.
  • Fixed a Canadian issue where ParsedAddressRange sometimes return 99999999 if a range was not present in the address.
  • Fixed a crash in the Parse Interface if the Address1 line is greater than 200 characters.
  • Fixed a crash on a few platforms when an address contained non-standard characters.
  • Verification of Canadian addresses without postal codes has been optimized.

Added features
  • A new Error Code of "F" and corresponding Error String of "Non-Canadian Postal Code" has been added. You will get this error if you have only the Canadian Data Files initialized and try to verify an address with a postal code that is not Canadian.
  • A new property called UseUSPSPreferredCityNames has been added. Here are the possible input values and results for this new property.
    • Does not turn this new feature on and Address Object will behave exactly as it did before.
    • Will always return the Preferred City Name for the input address if the address can be verified.
    (Using this new feature will convert all vanity city names to the preferred city name. You must set this property before initialization.)

Deprecated Builds
  • The old-style AMS interface
  • The Solaris (compat) folder with the Solaris 7 GNU binary. Replaced with Solaris 8.
  • The Linux (compat) binary for GCC 2.9. Replaced with GCC 3.2.

Added Platforms
  • AIX™ versions: 5.2,5.3. POWER, rs/6000, PPC, 32 Bit, (GCC 3.4.x)

Build 1262

Released February 2008

Fixed the following issues
  • Canadian Addresses with incorrect range or unknown street sometimes returned a Invalid Zip/Postal Code error when the postal code was actually valid.
  • Fixed several Canadian casing and abbreviation issues.
  • Fixed a Canadian verification issue where junk data was left in the address
  • Address Swapping for Canada has been disabled.

Added features
  • A new property in the Street Data Interface has been added. The new property is UrbanizationName which compliments the current UrbanizationCode to help street searches in Puerto Rico.

Added Platforms
  • HPUX™ versions: 11.11 - 11.23, PA-RISC, 32 bit, (GCC 3.4.x)

Build 1191

Released September 2007

Fixed the following issues
  • A crash when calling GetMSA() under certain situations
  • Canadian addresses that do not have a valid postal code but valid city/state did not code correctly.
  • A few addresses where the only incorrect information was the state, Address Object will code the address as correct but does not correct the state.

Build 1166

Released July 2007

  • Added Features
    • Added property CASSEnable (Windows), and method SetCASSEnable (Unix)
    • Various CASS Cycle L changes.
  • The new CASS Cycle L mandates that DPV be required for USPS CASS mailings. So, CASSEnable has been added to fulfill this requirement. With CASSEnable set to true, must use DPV to verify US addresses. If an address does not DPV code, you will not get a plus4 back. With CASSEnable set to false (default), DPV is still optional but you will not be able to generate a CASS form. Also, addresses that do not DPV code but zip+4 codes will still return a plus4. Please reference the Address Object manual for more details.

Build 1150

Released June 2007

Fixed the following issues
  • Fixed an issue with JavaScript and the loading of the DPV data files.
  • Fixed the casing of several Canadian Addresses.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to verify a Canadian postal code with over 50 characters.

Build 1115

Released April 2007

  • Added Features
    Added the following properties and methods to Address Object to support the addition of SOA forms (Statement of Accuracy) for Canadian Address verification.
    • //** Canadian Date Methods **//
    • //** Canadian SOA Form methods **//
    • //** Canadian SOA Form properties **//

Recompilation of the application is necessary only if you choose to use these properties.

Build 1098

Released February 2007

  • Fixed several issues with Canadian Addresses.

Build 1091

Released December 2006

Added Features
  • A new version of the Canada Add-on has been added to the object. Address object now uses faster and more stable cross platform code instead of using an mdb file. Address Object for UNIX (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX) now has Canadian support. To upgrade to the new Canadian Add-on: download the new Canadian data files and upgrade Address Object to this new version. All code in your application stays the same but the new object will not work with the old Canada.mdb file. If you currently subscribe to the Canadian Add-on, please contact your sales representative to get the new data files.
  • The DPV data files have been restructured and now consist of six files instead of 107. It still behaves exactly the same as it did before but users should erase the old DPV files when installed DPV.

Build 1034

Released August 2006

Fixed the Following Issues
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Build 1027

Released June 2006

Fixed the Following Issues
  • Made miscellaneous speed improvements to the DPV add-on.

Build 1025

Released May 2006

Fixed the Following Issues
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when duplicated suite information is included in the address and suite fields.

Build 1021

Released April 2005

Fixed the Following Issues
  • Fixed the core dump crash with the GNU C++ 3.3 Solaris object (in the compat folder).
  • Fixed a segmentation fault with the Linux and Solaris objects when certain addresses were entered in the Address2 field.
  • Fixed a bug where LACSLink failed to convert certain rural route addresses to the new 911 form of the address.

Build 1019

Released February 2005

Fixed the Following Issues
  • Fixed the Floating Point error that occurred in SQL Server when passing in a matching company name and address. This error only occurred in SQL Server.
  • The previous version of address object had a limit of around 260 instance that can be created at once. The current version of address object should be able to support over 900 instances. Using Canadian or add-ons such as DPV will decrease the number of instances.
  • GetInitializeErrorString() will now return an appropriate error if the path to LacsLink Data Files was set incorrectly.

Added Features
  • Added Residential Business Delivery Indicator feature has been added with two new properties and two new methods. This is an add-on to the Address Object that allows you to determine if an address is actually a residential address or a business address.
    • Added PathToRBDIFiles and RBDI properties.
    • Added SetPathToRBDIFiles and GetRBDIDatabaseDate() methods.
  • A new environment variable name MDADDR_SERVERMODE has been introduced. This variable, turned off by default, will enable address object retain some of the data files used for initialization in memory after the last instance of address object is de-allocated but before the application ends. This may be useful for applications that use multiple instances (For example: Web services that use individual threads for each client) and have times where the number of instances drop to 0 while the application is still running. Using this variable should increase the speed of initialization for those qualifying applications. Please use the following steps to set this environment variable:
    • For Unix (Linux and Solaris), add these lines to .cshrc or .profile of the login account that is running address object.
csh, tcsh:  setenv MDADDR_SERVERMODE "sticky"
bash, sh, ksh: MDADDR_SERVERMODE="sticky"
  • For Windows, add the following entry to your system environment variables.
Value: sticky
Then restart the application using address object.

Build 1017

Released December 2005

Fixed the Following Issues
  • The GetSCFArea() method will now return a negative longitude.

Added Features
  • Added PathToLACSLinkDataFiles property.

Build 1016

Released October 2005

Fixed the Following Issues
  • The issue of negative longitude has been fixed in the ZipData Interface.
  • Several speed problems with the Address Object were fixed.

Added Features
  • Address Object also avaliable as a standard DLL (mdAddr.dll) in addition to the current COM+ object. (addrobj.dll)
  • Address Object now optionally accepts an environment variable named 'MDADDR_LICENSE' which can be set in the Operating System. Address Object will use the environment variable if the License Key method is set with an empty string.
export MDADDR_LICENSE=123456789
  • The Parse Interface now has an optional Initialize method that uses the suffix file. (mdAddr.sfx) Loading the suffix file will help the Parse Interface parse addresses more accurately. Additionally, suffixes can be added to the file for the Parse Interface to recognize.

Build 1012

Released August 2005

  • USPS® CASSTM cycle was renewed for 2005 through 2006.
  • The names of the National Data files National.dat, National.str and MP4.dat have been changed to mdaddr.nat, mdaddr.str and mdaddr.dat. This is to facilitate the same data set across all platforms.
  • The following properties and methods were added.
    • SetPathToLACSLinkDataFiles
    • LACSLinkIndicator
    • LACSLinkReturnCode
      LACSLink TM is new method of changing a Rural Route Address to an official 911 street Address. To subscribe to LACSLink TM please call us at 800 MELISSA.
  • The following 24 individual CASS Form properties were added and grouped by name. They should be used to populate the 3553 CASS Form for presorted mailings to the USPS.
    • SetPS3553_B1_ProcessorName
    • SetPS3553_B4_ListName
    • SetPS3553_D3_Name
    • SetPS3553_D3_Company
    • SetPS3553_D3_Address
    • SetPS3553_D3_City
    • SetPS3553_D3_State
    • SetPS3553_D3_ZIP
    • GetFormPS355
    • SaveFormPS3553
    • ResetFormPS3553
    • PS3553_B6_Totalrecords
    • PS3553_C1a_ZIP4Coded
    • PS3553_C1c_DPBCAssigned
    • PS3553_C1d_FiveDigitCoded
    • PS3553_C1e_CRRTCoded
    • PS3553_C1f_eLOTAssigned
    • PS3553_E_HighRiseDefault
    • PS3553_E_HighRiseExact
    • PS3553_E_RuralRouteDefault
    • PS3553_E_RuralRouteExact
    • PS3553_E_LACSCount
    • PS3553_E_EWSCount
    • PS3553_E_DPVCount

Build 676

Released January 2005

Fixed the following issues

AddressCheck Interface
  • County Highway
  • Initialize method
  • Cold Fusion

StreetData Interface
  • Initialize method

ZipData Interface
  • Initialize method
  • ComputeDistance & ComputeBearing methods
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