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Build 2804

Released July 2016

  • No changes

Build 2777

Released May 2016

  • No changes

Build 2735

Released February 2016

  • We underwent a cleanup of our local libraries for our Unix platforms: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX. This cleanup involved removing old and irrelevant symbols.
Unfortunately, this means that you may not be able to simply drop in this object. In those cases, no code changes are needed, just a recompile and relink.
Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • None
Data File Changes
  • None

Build 2710

Released December 2015

Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • Added new method (‘SetWSMailboxLookup’) to validate full email address (including mailbox) by accessing the Global Email Web Service.
Use of this method will require a valid License Key enabled for this feature as well as internet access.
  • Added new results codes to include Global Email Web Service results. Refer to the included Email Object documentation or online Wiki page for more detail.
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Slightly increased accuracy of fuzzy match.
Data File Changes
  • None

Build 2554

Released April 2015

Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • Some Misc bug fixes.
Data File Changes
  • Improved fuzzy matching on domain names.

Build 2408

Released July 2014

Data File Changes
  • Fixed an issue where some email domains were incorrectly identified as bad domains.

Build 2381

Released June 2014

  • No Changes

Build 2362

Released May 2014

  • No Changes

Build 2288

Released February 2014

  • No Changes

Build 2269

Released October 2013

Interface Changes
  • New SetCachePath and SetCacheUse methods
  • New SupressCache and CachePath under the [General] section in mdEmail.cfg
Functionality Changes
  • Now the user is able to programmatically set the cache file paths and whether to use cache files or not. Previously, they were controlled through an environment variable only.

Build 2225

Released July 2013

  • No Changes

Build 2214

Released July 2013

Interface Changes
  • Added new GetResultCodeDescription method to return a short or long text description of a result code.

Build 2149

Release March 2013

Data Quality Suite Global Changes
  • Deprecated License Keys - Removed old Grandfather License Keys. If your License Key looks like "12A-23B-123C" rather than "ABdj439=-nd73hBEm2kl1=2nfdHaljksnd" then your License Key will no longer work.
Please contact a Melissa Data sales representative to ensure you have a valid License Key at 1-800-800-6245 x4 or
Interface Changes
  • New methods SetWSLookup and SetFuzzyLookup for new email checking functionality.
  • GetStatusCode(), GetErrorCode(), GetChangeCode() and GetErrorString() are deprecated. They still exist but are not supported. Please use GetResults() instead.
  • New Result codes for Email Object. Please see the manual for details.
Functionality Changes
  • New SetFuzzyLookup method allows you to correct an email misspelling using much more powerful fuzzy engine. Please see the manual for more information.
  • New SetWSLookup method allows you to send the email domain back to MelissaData for verification. This will allow you to verify more domains without being blocked by the ISP and also allows us to update our domain list faster to provide back to you.
Data File Changes
  • New data files mdEmail.dat and mdEmail.cfg required for the new Email Object. You must update both at the same time. The new object will not work with the old data files and the old object will not work with the new data files.

Build 2057

Released September 2012

Data Quality Suite Global Changes
  • Linux Installer - has been deprecated. It now points to
  • Sample Code - Added PL/SQL wrappers
Functionality Changes
  • Legacy License Keys can no longer be used to initialize the object. The new License Key structure is now required.

Build 1974

Released April 2012

  • No Changes

Build 1960

Released March 2012

  • No Changes

Build 1895

Released December 2011

  • No Changes

Build 1816

Released July 2011

  • No Changes

Build 1766

Released April 2011

  • No Changes.

Build 1730

Released February 2011

  • No Changes.

Build 1663

Released September 2010

  • No Changes.

Build 1609

Released June 2010

  • No Changes.

Build 1567

Released March 2010

New Functionality
Interface Change
  • Added new Results property: A new Results output is now available to check for the status of an Email verification. Results will contain comma delimited codes to indicate the status and errors. Results replaces the StatusCode, ErrorCode, and ErrorString properties.
Other Change
  • Email Object can now detect Mobile Domains, which are not allowed unsolicited emails by the FCC. The Result code of ES04 indicates a Mobile Domain email address.
Bug Fix
Other change
  • MXLookup fixed. A bug that allowed servers that responded to a MXLookup but not as a mail server to be detected as a mail server as been fixed.

Build 1451

Released July 2009

  • VS 2008 C++ Libraries required
  • Email Object has been recompiled using Visual Studio C++ 2008. To use Email Object for Windows, VC++ 2008 libraries must be installed on your computer. Running setup.exe will ensure the necessary libraries are installed. However, if you are installing the objects manually, you may need to install Visual Studio 2008 C++ x86 redistributable, which can be found in extras\redist.

Build 1431

Released June 2009

New Functionality
  • Other Change: New error code of 'B'.
  • A new feature has been added to Email Object to detect bad or undeliverable email mailbox names. Email addresses such as or will return a new error code of ‘B’. To see which mailbox names are included in this list, open the mdEmail.ini file and look under the [invalid mailboxes] section. As with all the other features of Email Object, this is completely configurable. To add or remove entries, simply edit the mdEmailConfig.ini file.

Build 1395

Released April 2009

  • The [invalid mailboxes] section of the mdEmailConfig.ini and mdEmail.ini was added to allow users to populate and detect invalid mailboxes
  • [invalid mailboxes]
  • # a plus sign adds the mailbox to the list of invalid mailboxes (e.g. "+NoReply" causes "" to return "Invalid Mailbox").

Build 1357

  • Email Object now uses the default DNS resolver specified on the machine. This enhances speed and reliability. The greatest difference in speed should be realized when an MXLookup is done on a VALID domain that has not been looked up previously and is not in the mdDomain.dat or the .ini files. It also performs faster for invalid domains, but the percentage increase will be smaller.

Build 1262

Released March 2008

  • Fixed Bug preventing Email Object from correcting emails with the incorrect syntax of “,com” using a comma instead of a period.

Build 1254

Released February 2008

  • Initial Release
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