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Build 3205

Released August 2018

Backwards Compatibility
  • This update for Geocoder Object includes a number of new features and method/properties. You must use the Geocoder Object and data files to take advantage of these new features, but the object is fully backwards compatible with the previous version.
However, the Geocoder object library in this update and going forward will not be able to load the older data files, and the older Geocoder object library cannot load this version of the data file.
We will include both versions of the data file for those who cannot update their Geocoder Object library right away, but we advise you to perform this update as soon as possible.

"We will continue to supply the old version of the data file until Quarter 2 of 2019.

Interface Changes
  • New Methods
FindGeo(), SetInputParameter(), GetInputParameters()
  • New Properties
CensusKey, CountySubdivisionCode, CountySubdivisionName, ElementarySchoolDistrictCode, ElementarySchoolDistrictName, SecondarySchoolDistrictCode, StateDistrictLower, StateDistrictUpper, UnifiedSchoolDistrictCode, UnifiedSchoolDistrictName, BlockSuffix
Please refer to the mdGeo reference guide on how to use the new methods and retrieve the new properties.
  • SetInputParameter – pg.14
  • FindGeo – pg.25
  • GetOutputParameters – pg.42
Or visit our wiki page for more detailed information: GeoCoder Object

Functionality Changes
  • We have a new input property of MAK (Melissa Address Key). This value is returned by our other address products such as address object and Personator.
  • We have improved the precision of our census values (such as census tract and block) returned by the service. By leveraging the information in the new data file, we can be more precise with the exact census values around county and city borders
  • The standard way of setting the input for Geocoder is this (in this order):
  • Set MAK input
  • Set Zipcode input
  • Set Plus4 input
  • The reason we set MAK first is because MAK is the most precise key to an address, even more precise than addresskey. This will give you the best census and lat/long information, especially around borders.
  • The Zipcode and Plus4 inputs are if the MAK input is not found, we will use these inputs to provide fallback census and lat/long information.

Data File Changes
  • GeoObject now only requires only 1 US data file to initialize, the “mdGeoCode.db3” file.

Build 2961

Released June 2017

Data File Changes
  • Census keys have been updated to Tiger 2016
  • Added Virgin Islands geo data.

Build 2928

Released January 2017

Geocoder Update
  • Melissa Data is replacing some of our backend data providers that are used in the creation of our Geocoder Object. Due to this change, you may notice that a number of latitude on longitude coordinates may have changed slightly. In conjunction to the coordinate change, some census tract, block, and group value calculations may also have changed. While we understand and appreciate that any type of change can have negative consequences for some users, we believe that overall, this data source change is for the better. We believe that this new data is more accurate overall and gives Melissa Data more flexibility to continue to offer our customers the best data at the best price.

Data File Changes
  • Update data file

Build 2872

Released November 2016

Data File Changes
  • Updated some Latitudes and Longitudes that were returning only 4 digit precision to 6 digit precision.
  • Improved GeoPoint accuracy for PO Box Zip Codes.
  • We have improved our county FIPS accuracy when dealing with addresses on county borders

Build 2841

Released September 2016

  • We are currently deprecating all HPUX PA-RISC binaries until further notice. If you have any questions please contact your sales representative.
  • Data File Changes
  • We have corrected an issue that resulted in a number of non-po box Zip+4 level geocodes that were missing in the last update. Non-valid PO Box Zip+4’s should still be missing from our data but all valid Zip+4’s should be included now.

Build 2777

Released June 2016

Functionality Changes
  • Guam will now return a positive Longitude.

Data File Changes
  • We have changed and updated several of our sources for Zip+4 level geocoding data. You may notice that many of the latitude, longitude values have changed since the last update. While a change of any kind will produce some better records as well as some worse records, we firmly believe that this data source update is a net positive to the accuracy of the Zip+4 data.
  • Updated data file
    • Some postal codes for the territory of Guam were not returning Census block, Census Track and Place codes.
    • Removed Military and US territories that were returning incorrect coordinates

Build 2729

Released January 2016

  • We underwent a cleanup of our local libraries for our Unix platforms: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX. This cleanup involved removing old and irrelevant symbols.
Unfortunately, this means that you may not be able to simply drop in this object. In those cases, no code changes are needed, just a recompile and relink.
Interface Changes
  • None
Functionality Changes
  • None
Data File Changes
  • None

Build 2764

Released December 2015

Interface Changes
  • New properties
  • New Logging Functionality
Functionality Changes
  • Yes
Data File Changes
  • None

Build 2182

Released April 2013

Compatibility Summary
  • We have deprecated our old-style License Keys. If your Geocoder License Key is 10 characters or less, it is an old-style and will no longer work. Please contact you sales representative at 1-800-800-6245 for an updated License Key.
Data File Changes
  • Data updated. Geocoder now contains Census 2010 data.

Build 2127

Released January 2013

  • No Changes

Build 2070

Released October 2012

Compatibility Summary
  • We have deprecated our old-style License Keys. If your Geocoder License Key is 10 characters or less, it is an old-style and will no longer work. Please contact you sales representative at 1-800-800-6245 for a updated License Key.
Data File Changes
  • Data updated. Geocoder now contains Census 2010 data.

Build 2017

Released July 2012

Data File Changes
  • This update of Geocoder contains the new 2010 Census information.

Build 1979

Released May 2012

Functionality Changes
  • Geocoding for DeliveryPlus (Non-USPS) records now use the new format AddressKeys. In order to geocode DeliveryPlus addresses, you must be use Address Object Build 1960 or later.
Data File Changes
  • This update of Geocoder contains the new 2010 Census information.

Build 1930

Released February 2012

Compatibility Summary
  • No compatibility issues. Use of AddressKey in GeoCode() and GeoPoint() required for new Non-USPS addresses but using Zip, Plus4, and DeliveryPoint will still work for all regular addresses.
HP-UX Deprecation Notice
  • HP-UX versions of Geocoder is no longer available and is no longer supported.
Functionality Changes
  • The Geocode() and GeoPoint() methods can now also accept an 11 character AddressKey as the first parameter. AddressKey is a key unique to each address that is returned by Address Object. This was added to support the addition of Non-USPS addresses. If you need to geocoding information for Non-USPS addresses, you must use the AddressKey. Please reference the manual for more details.
  • Improved geocoding accuracy for addresses containing suites.
Data File Changes
  • This update of Geocoder contains the new 2010 Census information.

Build 1885

Released October 2011

Functionality Changes
  • A few postal code that were coded as valid but did not have latitude and longitude values fixed.
  • Spaces at the end of CBSATitle and CBSATitleDivision properties trimmed.

Build 1826

Released August 2011

Compatibility Summary
  • No compatibility issues. New data file and features added, but there is no effect on existing applications.
Interface Changes
  • Added new method SetPathToGeoCanadaDataFiles(). Using this method will allow you to geocode Canadian records. Please reference the documentation for more information.
Functionality Changes
  • Geocode() and GeoPoint() methods can now geocode Canadian records if SetPathToGeoCanadaDataFiles() is set correctly and your License Key allows for Canadian geocoding. Simply pass in the postal code as the ZipCode parameter.
  • New GetResults value of GE05 added. This code indicates that you are trying to geocode for a country that you License Key is not enabled for.
  • GetResults value of GS01 (and deprecated StatusCode value of 9) now covers both US and Canadian records. If the record is a US record, GS01 indicates the record was geocoded to the zip+4. If the record is a Canadian record, GS01 indicates the record was geocoded to the full 6 digit Canadian postal code. Similarly, GS03 indicates geocoded to the Zip code level for US, and geocoded to the 3 digit postal code level for Canada.
Data File Changes
  • New data file named mdGeoCanada.db now included. This file will be used to geocode Canadian records.

Build 1787

Released May 2011

  • No Changes

Build 1733

Released February 2011

  • GeoPoint lat/long pointing to property instead of street
  • GeoPoint latitude and longitude coordinates have been modified to mostly point to the address property instead of the street in front of the address. This was done to make drawing boundary maps easier.
  • CBSA information available for 5-digit coded PO Boxes
  • CBSA information is now available for PO boxes that can only be coded to the 5-digit Zip because there are no plus4’s for them.

Build 1676

Released October 2010

New GetLicenseExpirationDate() method
  • This method retrieves the date that your License Key will expire.
New Interpolated Rooftop Result
  • New rooftop address points have been added to Geocoder based on street shape maps. Please see the manual for more details. A new Result of GS06 and Status of A has been added to Results and StatusCode properties for a interpolated rooftop result.
Rooftop data now Multi-source
  • Geocoder rooftop data is now multi-sourced. We have combined data from multiple vendors to provide the most complete rooftop coverage possible.
Warning: Please take note. GeoPoint users must update both the data files and the Geocoder Object library. If you do not, your GeoPoint records would contain the letter A or B at the end of the Longitude. Please update to take advantage of the new Geocoding features described below.

Build 1602

Released April 2010

New Data Format
  • GeoCoder now uses the new Multinet data format.
Precision Changes
  • Geo Information have be adjusted to more accurately identify the 9 digit and 5 digit zip codes. There are PO box addresses that have repeating Latitude and Longitude information in the GeoCoder Database. We used to code them at the 9 digit level, now we correctly code them 5 digit level.

Build 1492

Released October 2009

  • Two new data files (mdGeoCbsa.dat and mdGeoCbsa.idx are now required for initialization).
  • Eight new properties/methods have been added. To use, simply call them after a Geocode(). They are as follows:
    • TimeZone / GetTimeZone()
    • TimeZoneCode / GetTimeZoneCode()
    • CBSACode / GetCBSACode()
    • CBSATitle / GetCBSATitle()
    • CBSALevel / GetCBSALevel()
    • CBSADivisionCode / GetCBSADivisionCode()
    • CBSADivisionTitle / GetCBSADivisionTitle()
    • CBSADivisionLevel / GetCBSADivisionLevel()
Please reference the manual for more details on these new properties/methods.

Build 1451

Released June 2009

  • Geocoder Object has been recompiled using Visual Studio C++ 2008. To use Geocoder Object for Windows, VC++ 2008 libraries must be installed on your computer. Running setup.exe will ensure the necessary libraries are installed.

However, if you are installing the objects manually, you may need to install Visual Studio 2008 C++ x86 redistributable, which can be found in extras\redist.

Build 1395

Released March 2009

  • This release of Geocoder Object introduces the GeoPoint Add-on. The GeoPoint add-on allows you to obtain 11-digit rooftop level latitude and longitude coordinates while regular Geocoder remains at 9-digit zip+4 level accuracy. To use the GeoPoint add-on, initialize by setting the PathTo* properties and InitializeDataFiles(), and call GeoPoint() instead of Geocode() with the zip, plus4, and delivery point.

Build 1115

Released March 2007;

  • The Census Block property has reverted back to returning a 4 character string. It was originally reduced down to a 1 character string due to imprecise data, but better and more accurate data has been received to return back to a 4 character string.

Build 1049

Released July 2006

Two new properties are now available with Geocoder Object.
  • PlaceName property (60 chars):
The official census name for the area described by the ZIP+4 Code. This may differ for the city name in the ZIP Code database.
  • laceCode property (7 chars):
The corresponding code for the place name.

Build 151

Released January 2006

  • Linux and Solaris objects now available.
  • The Census Block property now returns a 1 character string instead of a 4 character string. This was done to eliminate imprecisions and overlaps that occurred in the data. Now, only the block group is returned for more accurate results.

Build 122

Released March 2005

  • Fixed crash from invalid characters in the zip field
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Build 120

Released September 2004

Renamed the following data files
  • Geocode.dat, mdGeo.dat
  • Geocode.idx, mdGeo.idx
  • County.txt, mdGeo.cty
Added the following data file
  • mdGeo.lic Must be in same directory as mdGeo.idx
The Build Number format has been updated to reflect the following information
  • Current Build Number -- 120.WIN.IA32
    • 120 --> Build Number
    • WIN --> Windows Platform
    • IA32 --> Intel 32bit Chipset
  • Because the Geo Object was compiled in Visual Studio 2003, the following 5 system files must reside in the same directory as GeoObj.dll:
    • Atl71.dll (Located in the ATL71_U folder for Windows 2000 & UP)
(Located in the ATL71_A folder for Windows 98)
  • Mfc71.dll
  • Mfc71u.dll
  • Msvcp71.dll
  • Msvcr71.dll
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