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Build 3055

Released November 2017

General Fixes and Changes
  • When you have ProducePallets set to true the sequence order will match the Pallet Report.
First Class Mail Fixes and Changes

Fixed First Class Postcards pricing.

Properties Added
  • Added a new property to return results from residual mailing.
For Presort Object
long TotalResidualPieces();
double ResidualRate();
For C++
long GetTotalResidualPieces();
double GetResidualRate();
For C
long mdPresortGetTotalResidualPieces();
double mdPresortGetResidualRate();

Build 3036

Released October 2017

First Class Mail Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed crash with First Class Postcards when only having Automation pieces.

Build 3024

Released August 2017

General Fixes and Changes
  • The old property ContinueContainerNumber(bool) now also controls it for Pallets Numbers.
First Class Mail Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed for Post Cards we are putting over the maximum number of pieces in a trays.
  • Fixed for Letters the Postage statement part A is not rounding total correctly.
  • Fixed Line1 for Pallets for FCM STD LTR and FLAT.
Standard Mail Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed for NDC pallets we are using the wrong L module for line 1.
  • Fixed we were creating a Mixed NDC Pallet when we should be creating a SCF pallet.
  • Fixed a bug with minimum pieces in STD /FLAT FSS bundles. Now it is the same rule as for 5Sch/5dig, for less than 5oz a piece is 15 pieces otherwise – 10.
  • Fixed a bug for STD/FLAT. Oversized bundles and sacks.
Properties Added
  • Added a new property for STD/LTR SCF Pallet to control a minimum containers for it.
For Presort Object
put_IgnoreMinSCFPallet(bool );
For C++
void SetIgnoreMinSCFPallet(bool );
For C
void mdPresortSetIgnoreMinSCFPallet(mdPresort, int);

Build 3007

Released July 2017

  • Fixed crash caused by expired license string.
First Class Mail Fixes
  • First Class Postcard Profit - Mailing summary displays 0's in tray size, postage statement "No. of Containers" is blank.
  • First Class Postcard - The postage statement is incorrect. A2 has 0.00 for price.
  • First Class Postcard - Mailing Summary is generated wrong name.
Standard Mail Fixes
  • Standard Letter Profit w/ POM SCF - AADC pieces from the SCF Automation sort are missing from postage statement. Negative in Mailing Results screen

Build 2996

Released July 2017

  • Added new property’s name to expand the report names:
For Presort Object
void ExpandedReportName(bool);
For C++
void SetExpandedReportName(bool);
For C
void mdPresortSetExpandedReportName(int);
  • Pallet tags are now doubled.

Build 2985

Released May 2017

  • Modified Presort Lib to return presort results.
  • Changed Mail.dat version to 17-1
  • Added New Method "SetProduceDropShipForms"
This method is used to create Postal Forms 3602C and 8285" For information on how to call this method it is on page 47 of the Reference Guide.
  • "SetMDCPTMailOwnerID" was updated this property populates the Mail owner ID in Mail.dat. If it is not sent then the MailersID property will populates the Mail owner ID in Mail.dat and the permit holder’s mailer ID.
  • “Get(“PostageSavings”)” was added it returns the calculated Postage Savings, which is amount of savings a customer can get using Presort Object.
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