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Quick Start

Contact Zone Version 2.4 and Newer

Updating Contact Zone from version 2.4 to any newer version is very straight forward. You can simply install version the most current version over any version 2.4 and newer.

Contact Zone Version 2.3 and Older

2.4 is the first version of ContactZone with significant directory changes. If you are user of Contact Zone Version 2.3 and older, and wish to upgrade to a Contact Zone Version 2.4+, you must follow this document to ensure a successful upgrade.

Installation Directories

Please note that installation directories for 2.4+ have changed from 2.3. Simply running the 2.4+ installer will not remove the 2.3 install. It is important to follow one of the two approved methods for upgrading to 2.4+.

Backup Projects

If you have not saved any changes or do not want to save any changes you have made, there is no need to make any backups. However, if you have used Contact Zone 2.3 you may have configurations and/or projects that you want to keep. If you do not follow these instructions you run the risk of losing your configurations and projects!


To keep any projects you have created in “C:\ContactZone\...” make sure to make a backup of these projects elsewhere. The 2.4+ installation will remove project files located there. Projects created in 2.3 are compatible with 2.4+.

Configuration Files

To keep any custom configurations that you have in 2.3, make backup copies of the configuration files. These files include: name.config, email.config, and matchcode key files.


Once you are certain that you have backed up any important data that you want to use in 2.4+, you are ready to upgrade. There are two possible methods to upgrade:

Method 1 (Uninstall)

  1. Uninstall Contact Zone 2.3 from “C:\ContactZone\”.
  2. Install Contact Zone 2.4+ by double-clicking the install file.
  3. Backups: Replace the name.config and email.config files in C:\Program Files\Melissa Data\DQT\Data with your backup copies (if any. )

Method 2 (Delete)

If you have already installed 2.4+ over a 2.3 installation, Do Not Uninstall 2.3. Just follow the directions below:

  1. Backups: Replace the name.config and email.config files in “C:\Program Files\Melissa Data\DQT\Data” with the original files located in “C:\ContactZone\....”
  2. Delete the entire Contact Zone 2.3 directory, “C:\ContactZone\.”
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