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Address Object Info
Release Date April 2012
Current Build 1974
Supported Platform Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris SPARC, HP-UX, AIX
Supported Language Visual Basic, C++, C

Addres Object is part of Melissa Data's Data Quality Suite.

Email Object allows your Web sites and custom applications to update email addresses in your database files while verifying and correcting misspelled domain names.

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Results Codes



Sample Code

All sample code may be found on the on the Data Quality Suite DVD, download, or demo. If you would like to request a DVD or talk to a representative please call 1-800-MELISSA extension 3. Sample Code

Current Build

Build 1974

Released April 2012

Functionality Changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused most CRMA addresses not to be marked as CRMA.
  • Changed the AddressKey formats for non-USPS (AS03) addresses. They can now contain 'A', 'B', or 'C' instead of 'X'.

Data Quality Suite Global Changes
  • Code Signing Updated.
  • The code singing certificates have been updated for all our of our libraries.
  • HP-UX Itanium Removed.
  • Melissa Data is discontinuing support for HP-UX Itanium builds. They will no longer be included with the DQSuite.

Dual Layer DVD
  • The Data Quality Suite DVD is now using a dual layer DVD instead of a single layer DVD. We do not anticipate any issues with this change as most if not all DVD players should support both single and dual layer formats.

Build History

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