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Email Object known issues.

Build 1663

Released September 2010

  • Email Object has been found to not accept a few valid License Keys after 1/1/2011. This is a bug with the object and can be immediately remedied with a new License Key. Please contact your tech support for a new License Key. Please email or call 1-800-800-6245 x4.

Build 1395

Released April 2009

  • The mdEmailConfig.ini file contains a syntax error. There is a missing bracket at the beginning of the invalid mailboxes section. Please add an open bracket at the beginning of the invalid mailboxes header in order for this option to work properly.
invalid mailboxes] --> [invalid mailboxes]

Build 1352

Released October 2008

  • Email Object’s MXlookup function is querying MX records from a root DNS server, and is not properly utilizing the DNS resolver functionality of the Operating System.
Fixed in Build 1357:
Download here:
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