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You must first upload the file you want to cleanse and enrich.

Then select the data quality service you want to use.


By default, the File Name, File Size, Header presence, and Record Count are displayed at the top of this page.

Your List Owner PAF Id will also be displayed.

NCOA Data Quality Service Options

Processing Type
Controls the type of Processing that will be performed on the data.
Code Definition
Standard Processing Queries business, individual and family records. In other words, does not omit any move records from the query.
Business and Individual Moves Omits family records.
Business Moves Only Omits family and individual move records.
Individual Moves Only Omits business and family move records.
Residential Moves Omits business and return individual and family move records.
Mailing Frequency
[1-52] This is the number of times per year that the current mailing list is used for mailing. If you use it monthly, enter 12; for quarterly, use 4, etc.
Months Request
[6-48] This is the number of months back that you want the Web service to search for a change of address.

Review and Map the Input Columns

Match the input columns with the correct data type. The service will try to match the columns automatically, but you may need to do some fine tuning.


Check the boxes next to your desired output columns


Full Name
Full name. E.g. "Dr. Bill S. Preston, Esquire."
Any part of the name that precedes the given name, such as "Mr.," "Ms." or "Dr.," for each full name detected.
First Name
Parsed first name. E.g. "Bill."
Middle Name
Parsed middle name. E.g. "S."
Last Name
Parsed last name. E.g. "Preston."
Any part of the name that follows the family name, such as degrees ("MD" or "PhD") and generational indicators ("IV" or "Jr."), for each full name processed.


Company Name
The company or organization name.
Address 1
The updated address or standardized street address that was used for verification.
Address 2
Second address. If you specify a second address line, secondary information (apartment, suite, etc.) will be put here. If you choose to not output to Address 2, secondary information will be appended to the first Address.
The city name. The information returned may be different than the contents of the City input field, if the preferred city name has been substituted for a vanity city name or if the address was coded to a different ZIP Code instead.
Two-character state abbreviation.
Postal Code
Five-digit U.S. ZIP Code.
Country name.
Address Key
AddressKey for the returned record. The Address Key was created by Melissa Data to uniquely identify an address and used as input to our other individual services like Geocoding.

Move Code

Move Type
Move type description.
Move Status
Move status description.
Move Date
Move effective date.

Address Information

Extra Address Information
Extra information that does not fit in any of the output address columns.
Suite. If requested, the suite will be populated in this column instead of the output address columns.
Private Mailbox
Private Mailbox. These mailboxes are used in commercial receiving agencies, such as the UPS store. If requested, the Private Mailbox will be populated in this column instead of the output address columns.
Urbanization (PR Only)
Urbanization name. These are used only in Puerto Rican addresses.
City Abbreviation
City abbreviation is any is available.
ISO Country Code
ISO country code.
Carrier Route
Carrier Route (CRRT.) This is a 4-character code defining the carrier route for the address.
Delivery Point
Delivery Point (DP) and its check digit. This is a 2-digit code defining the address's delivery location. The single-digit check digit follows the delivery point and serves as an error check for the ZIP Code, Plus4 and Delivery Point.

Parsed Address

House Number
Parsed House Number for the output address.
Street Pre-Directional
Any directional indicators that precede the street name. The directionals are returned as one- or two-character abbreviations. If the input data contained "Southwest," it would be shortened to "SW."
Street Name
The street name, minus the suffixes or directionals. For "SW Main Street," this would return "Main."
Street Suffix/Type
The standard abbreviations for the street types: "RD," "ST," "AVE," "BLVD," etc.
Street Post-Directional
Any directional indicators that follow the street name. The directionals are returned as one- or two-character abbreviations. If the input data contained "Southwest," it would be shortened to "SW."
Suite Name
The descriptive portion of the secondary address: "SUITE," "APT," "UNIT," etc.
Suite Number
Parsed Suite Number for the output address.
Private Mailbox Name
Parsed Private Mailbox Name for the output address. A private mailbox, or PMB, is a secondary address associated with a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). Because the CMRA may itself be located in a suite, such an address may have both a suite number and a PMB number.
Private Mailbox Number
Parsed Private Mailbox Number for the output address.
Route Service Number (Canada)
Parsed Route Service Number for the output address. Canada Only.
Delivery Installation (Canada)
Parsed Delivery Installation for the output address. Canada Only.
Lock Box Number (Canada)
Parsed Lock Box Number for the output address. Canada Only.


This section displays your selected options and columns.

Create Job Name

You must also create a name for the job.


Once we have processed your job, you may access a summary report of the job. This will show you the record counts (e.g. number of verified records, matches, etc.) and credit costs.

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