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Released April 2018

  • Add a Region button to change between US & Canada and Global regions.
  • Force use of contiguous ranges to prevent crashes.
  • Do not show the credits used on the report when the user isn't using credits.
  • Move the Language dropdown into a 'Region' area on the Settings panel.
  • Added Demographics columns Education, HouseholdSize, PoliticalParty, Presence of Senior, CreditCardUser, EthnicCode, and EthnicGroup to US Check and Verify.
  • Warn and block users who are using Excel data filters.


Released February 2018

  • Implemented Property V4
  • Add link to Result Code page
  • Other minor fixes


Released January 2018

  • Business Coder: Melissa Enterprise Key (MEK) output property added
  • Updated secure service protocols
  • Fixed geocoding credit issue experienced by customers using both web service and credits
  • Improved input column recognition
  • Other minor fixes


Released June 2017

  • US Check: Add MAK (unique Melissa Address Key) and BaseMAK fields.
  • US Check, Business Coder: Census Information fields - County FIPS, Census Block and Census Tract are now offered progressively.
  • Smart Mover: Improved messages for specific Canada Centric warnings.
  • Improved input field name hinting from exported Outlook contact schema.
  • Minor fixes.


Released January 2017

  • Small fixes for installation and compatibility issues.
  • Increased the credit consumption reporting accuracy.
  • Improved the map link feature.


Released September 2016

  • Added MatchUp Component.
  • Added 'Result Codes' to 'Support' menu.
  • Adjustment of Credit consumption
(effective 7/12: Records geocoded to the street level will consume 0 credits.
  • US/Can: Removed Move Update Aggressive/Conservative option (always Conservative).


Released June 2016

  • Added BusinessCoder Component.
  • Added 'Map Link' output column to US Verify, Global Verify and BusinessCoder.
  • Added 'Map' button to processing panel which links to heat map (MD website) when processing has output GeoPoints.
  • Removed 100-record minimal restriction for CCOA.
  • US: Added new output census fields.
  • Updated ribbon images and icons.
  • Cosmetic Changes
  • Minor bug fixes.


Released December 2015

  • Small additional compatibility fixes for Office 2013 (re-opened sheets, you got all the Listware panels re-opened).
  • Small compatibility fix for Office 2016 (title-casing the window menus).
  • Fixed display anomaly with Express Entry on some systems.
  • Upgraded Add-in Express binaries (adding full Office 2016 support for Listware).
  • Compatibility fixes for Office 2013 and up.
  • US Verify - Some of the output property field names were missing from the report.
  • US Verify - 'Move Type' option did not appear in report.
  • US Verify - force name hint when input is first and last in parsed fields (issue may still exist in Pers WS or with Move processing).
  • US Verify - Incorporated Demographic Gender into the Output Name Gender.
  • Global Records Geocoded to the Street Level (GS01) will now consume 1 credit.
  • Settings - Fixed Localization drop-down value.
  • Minor display issues.


Released September 2015

  • Fixed minor display anomalies and bugs.
  • No check or verify charges for records with "AE07" result code.
  • Improved census data triggered by GeoPoint processing.
  • Geocoder result codes are now suppressed if not lat/long output.
  • Reporting now indicates number of records, per record cost and total consumed credits for each operation.
  • Added a check to SmartMover to ensure that at least 100 records were selected for processing.
  • Added Conservative/Aggressive MoveUpdate option.


Released May 2015

  • Added critical error checking for unexpected result codes returned by underlying services.


Released March 2015

  • Added description text so that users could tell how many output items are currently checked.
  • Alternate language selector now allows Spanish and German speakers to select English.
  • Added 'Close' button to ExpressEntry's warning panel.
  • Added option to output credit usage to generated report.
  • Changed wording of AS15 to 'Suite or apartment'.
  • Changed default 'Suppress Result Codes' settings to 'off' for new users.
  • Added a 'Reset "don't show me" dialog’ button to Add-on Settings panel.
  • Fixed German localization output display anomoly for Geo Lat and Longitude.
  • New credit top off program


Released January 2014

  • Added 'Melissa Data News' web-launcher.
  • Added demographic output fields (US Check).
  • Added property output fields (US Check).
  • Updated Reports tab estimated credit usage.


Released Sept 23, 2014

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to click the update link.
  • Added SmartMover module.
  • Updated ExpressEntry to use new web service features - Suite validation.
  • Added 'Suppress 0 Counts' to all reporting options.
  • Cosmetic changes to processing screens and result code descriptions.
  • Removed latitude/longitude from analyzer panel (US & Global Check & Verify).
  • Background color of problem fields shaded in red (US & Global Check & Verify).
  • Updated list of transmission result codes and explanations.
  • Added missing VR10, VS01, VS31 and VS41 result codes (US Check & Verify).
  • Added German localization to GlobalVerify.


Released July 16, 2014

  • Fixed display anomaly on Setting screen where user's ID and credit balance wouldn't appear.


Released July 03, 2014

  • Added Spanish localization.
  • Added 'Support' ribbon menu.
  • Changed installer to set permissions on "ProgramData/Melissa Data/Listware for Excel" to 'Everyone'.
  • Result Code changes: Global GS05 suppressed if 'Suppress Good Results' is checked.
  • Result Code changes: Global AC15, AC16 and AC17 added to report.
  • Result Code changes: NS02 now suppressed (handled by current error codes).
  • Improved navigation for starting and closing components


Released March 21, 2014

  • First public release of ExpressEntry.
  • Express Entry charges 1 credits per successful Zip+4 address completed and entered.
  • US/Global Verify: Added reporting (optional and configurable) sheet
  • US/Global Verify: Added automatic loading of old settings from previously run reports.
  • US Verify: Added many new Additional Address, Census and Parsed Address Output fields.


Released February 06, 2014

  • Added a 'don't show me again' button to summary screen.
  • US & Global Verify: 'Check' operation is now always on and Read-only.
  • US & Global Verify: Removed GeoLocation operation, not connected to Lat/Long output control.
  • Email append is now functional
  • Global Verify: Added Output Address options.
  • Global Verify: Added individual output address fields.


Released November 21, 2013

  • Updated EULA.
  • Combined Output Latitude & Longitude into a single prompt.
  • Misc. bug fixes


Released November 2013

  • Made the 'Processing Complete' dialog get it's own icon in the Windows Tray to make it easier to find after long runs.
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Added 50k row per session processing limit.
  • User is now prompted to save changes before processing.
  • Simplified Introduction screen.
  • Improved communication error reporting.
  • Added a few messages to better direct user about Proxy settings.
  • Added 'Refresh' button to US & Global setup screens to let user update credit totals.
  • Minor rephrasing of GeoCode option on some prompts to avoid confusion.
  • Feedback link now passes back version number and License Key as URL parameters.
  • Added a 'Proxy Setup' button to Introduction panel so proxy users could set those settings and get their ID approved.
  • 'Append Name' relabeled to 'Append Name/Company' in many locations to eliminate user confusion.
  • Added a port button to proxy settings (previously users could specify the port with a colon in the URL).
  • Changed number of simultaneous threads to 2.
  • Added file signing step to avoid 'Unknown publisher' issues.


Released September 2013

  • Now using live URL.


Released July 2013

  • Initial Release

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