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Introducing the MAK

Melissa Address Keys or MAKs are a persistent 64-bit numbers that never change. Much like a barcode or ISBN, this key identifies a discrete physical street address and aligns a multitude of additional information associated with each particular address; such as detailed geographic information, deduplication, property shape, etc.

Technology’s Past

  • Addresses could only be identified with an actual physical address
  • Searching & Matching records was imprecise and time consuming
  • USPS address changes were unpredictable

MAK’s Present

  • Melissa Data can return a MAK that uniquely identifies a location with precision
  • MAKs are available for every address within the USA and Canada
  • Resolution of a MAK is to the apartment or suite level
  • For apartments and suites, a Base MAK is available to determine the base location
  • MAKs are 64-bit numbers that are easy to store and retrieve
  • Searching & matching records is highly efficient
  • MAKs provide true data anonymity

MAK’s Future

  • Melissa Address Keys will eventually standardize every address in the world
  • Users to be provided with MAK addresses and will be able to retrieve the information with MAK only
  • Melissa Data will provide constant updates of MAKs indicating address changes
  • Continually relevant usability due to the rollout of products harnessing the geo-spatial reach of MAK
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