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Login Issues

After logging in, I am not directed to my dashboard and instead I am instructed to login once more. How do I fix this?
The dashboard will need to be accessed by a browser that has cookies enabled. Please enable cookies in your browser for the melissa.com domain and restart your browser. Please try to login to your dashboard once more after this has been completed.

Webvisitor FAQ LoginError.png

Report Size

Why does one of my reports seem larger than the others?
Some of our data sources that track visitors in real time may have a delay in when they report and will send the appropriate data in a batch when it has been fully processed. The date last visited field in the WebVisitors Report will still reflect the date and time that the visitor originally visited.

Page Count and Cumulative Count Difference

What is the difference between Page Count and Cumulative Count in the WebVisitors Report?
The Page Count will return the number of times that particular person had visited that page since the last report. The Cumulative Count will return the number of times that particular person had visited the page since WebVisitor was added to that page.

Report Lacking Past Visitors

How come each report does not contain every single visitor from the past?
The reports will only be comprised of “new” visitors to your pages. It will only report people that have visited since the last report.

Global Contact Information

Does WebVisitor return global contact information?
No, WebVisitor will not be able to return contact information (names, address, phone, email) for global clients and is limited to domestic (US and Canada) users. It will however return geographical location based on the IP address.


What is the MelissaAddressKey/MelissaAddressKeyBase that is returned in the Contacts Report?
The Melissa Address Key is a key that we have assigned to an address in order to be able to uniquely identify each address. The Melissa Address Key Base is a key that is assigned to the building of that address in order to uniquely identify each building, particularly in cases involving a building that has multiple units.

Non-email Records Returned

Why are some of the returned records not email addresses and seem to contain no email information?
These records are email addresses that WebVisitor could not properly identify but could still track. WebVisitor will still return geographical location based on the IP address for this visitor but will not return contact information.
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