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The Advertising Mail Marketing Association has collected the following "tips" from members on what mailers can do in an attempt to minimize delivery delays:

  1. Drop ship mail as deeply into the USPS' system as possible (e.g., to the SCF or delivery unit, avoiding the BMC network).
  2. Make sure mailing address lists are as clean as possible--particularly seed addresses.
  3. Include yourself and your staff as mailing list seeds--add your local Postal Inspectors as seeds on mailing lists and ask for feedback on service performance.
  4. Avoid wherever possible the preparation of mixed BMC/ADC pallets or containers--sack that portion of the mailing to the appropriate BMC/ADC.
  5. Use NCOA or another method of obtaining customer moves--if it has to go to the old house first it will delay delivery even longer.
  6. Use the finest presort level possible--consider opportunities to consolidate mailings to achieve greater presort depth, or consider co-op mailings.
  7. Utilize all available programs to communicate mailings in advance to the USPS (e.g., Mail Alert, ADVANCE, etc.).
  8. Prepare barcoded mailings wherever possible.
  9. When delivery delays are discovered, communicate as much specific information to the USPS as possible.
  10. Use every available USPS resource--contact representatives at the local level, area, or USPS headquarters (if there is a Business Service Network office in your area, contact that office, otherwise to report delivery problems at the national level contact your National Accounts Manager or the USPS Operations Center at 800-419-2769).
  11. If no satisfactory response is received when contacting the USPS, contact your Congressional representatives or the local news media.