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Logical and Physical Architecture Design

Describe the logical and physical architecture design of your solution and how the system supports Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web services, batch processing/scheduling, and n-tier architectures.

The Data Quality APIs are libraries and must be included in to the build process and specially utilized by programs and Web applications written in most languages. The Web Services utilize SOAP/XML/REST based client/server messaging.

Application Language Support

What application language(s) and versions of the application architecture are required to support your proposed solution? (e.g. Java, .Net, VB, C++, etc.)

Melissa Data APIs have native support for Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, C and C++, and COM+ enabled languages on most platforms. COM+ technologies are only for Microsoft Windows®.

3rd Party Software Requirements

What 3rd party software products (i.e. Websphere, Microsoft SQL Server, etc) are required to support your solution?

Other than a host OS, no third party middleware software products are required as the Data Quality object libraries and their respective data are self-contained and only accessible by the API.

Required Application Platforms

What application platforms (e.g. Websphere, Oracle, .Net, etc) does the application require and support?

The Data Quality libraries do not require any third party application platforms. However, due to the availability of wrappers for most languages, they can be called by most widely available application platforms through an extension call.

Required/Supported DBMS Platforms

What DBMS platforms (e.g. Oracle, DB2, UDB, and SQL) does the application require and support?

The libraries do not require any installed database as the data is in a proprietary optimized structure. However, due to the availability of wrappers, the libraries can be integrated by most widely available DBMS platforms as a stored procedure call.

Required/Supported Operating Systems

What operating system(s) (e.g. Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc) does the application require and support?

Melissa Data APIs ship with native libraries for Linux, AIX, HPUX, Solaris, and Windows Operating Systems both 32/64 bit and with multiple compiler versions offered. Please see the Platform compatibility matrix for a full listing. Native 64-Bit width is the recommended architecture for using the libraries.