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Address Object Advisory Notices
Address Object Advisory Notices

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Address Object Advisory Notices

Notice #1

Effective September 30th, 2010- the LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ datafiles for Address Object have been merged into one file each namely: mdLacs.dat, and mdSuiteLink.dat. To leverage the enhanced performance and stability this affords, the Address Object library will need to be updated when installing these new data files.

Note: The older format LACSLink and SuiteLink have been deprecated and will no longer be produced after December 31st, 2010. This update requires a replacement of the Address Object to a build greater than Build 1632. The September release will have both the new and old format DVDs, along with a warning notice about upgrading Address Object as soon as possible. Customers are encouraged to update by running the Setup.exe program. Those who install manually will need to copy over the new files and Address Object from the disk.

Notice #2

Effective January 1st, 2011- the older Canadian format Canada.db file will be officially deprecated and no longer be produced. This requires an update to the Address Object to builds greater than 1632.

Notice #3

Effective January 1st, 2011- the Address Object's MSA and PMSA return properties are deprecated and will return blank information. As this standard is more than 10 years old, it has been replaced by the newer Core Based Statistical Areas used in the 2010 Census. Because CBSA's require more precise location information than provided in the Address Object, they are only returned in the GeoCoder Object.

Notice #4

Effective January 17th, 2011- New Canada Post licensing restrictions require that the new Point of Call address data be utilized by SERP certified software for producing the Statement of accuracy SOA form, used to receive postal discounts. POC data is meant to code addresses with high accuracy (similar to DPV® in USPS® CASSTM processing). This Canada Post restriction will not allow any API products to utilize the POC data (only for batch Mail programs) so Address Object will no longer be permitted to generate SOA forms.

Notice #5

Effective February 29th, 2016 - Address object is now certified in Canadians Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). This release of Address Object will use the new Point of Call data from (mdCanadaPOC.db) to validate postal addresses and generate Statements of Accuracy (SOA). The Point of Call data is much more accurate and can identify all deliverable addresses in Canada.