Best Practices:FTP and Updates

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Download Manager

With larger downloads, we recommend using a download manager because it will display the progress and resume if the Internet connection is interrupted. To learn more about download managers with download links to some of the more popular ones, click here - With a download manager, you will need to enter the provided URL. This can usually be done by a copy and paste.


Your subscription also includes updates on DVD or CD-ROM.

Update Schedule

If you have a monthly subscription, you will automatically receive a software shipment every month.

If you have a bimonthly subscription, you will receive the software shipment every other month according to the release schedule of your subscription. You should expect to receive your scheduled update within 5 business days of its release.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please call tech support at 1-800-635-4772, opt #4 or send an email to They will be happy to help you.


Trouble with email FTP Link?

Often, clicking the FTP link in the email notification will return 'page can not be displayed' in your default browser. try 'Cut and Pasting' the link directly in your browser and/or try another browser.