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Build 3.104 d20170717

Released July 2017

  • Fixed Windows 10 2GB file size issue.
  • Fixed display anomalies.

Build 3.104 d20170609

Released June 2017

  • Fixed Unhandled Exception issue for Windows 10 Windows Update 1703.

Build 3.100

Released April 9 2010

  • Added SuiteLink to CASS processing. SuiteLink uses the Company Name (if provided) to determine an address's missing suite.
  • Added Address Plus to CASS processing. Address Plus uses the Last Name (if provided) to determine an address's missing suite.
  • Added Vacancy indication to CASS processing. Vacant addresses are indicated by the AS16 result code.
  • Certain output fields (in ASCII) would cause MatchUp to crash.
  • Updated CASS 3553 form to USPS's March 2008 form.
  • Added ability to access Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Access 2007 data files. To do so, the corresponding product (Excel 2007 or Access 2007) must be installed.
  • Added new Results field, which consolidates the CASS Status, Error and Footnote fields into a single comma-delimited value:

See result Codes Here

   AS01 - Full Address Match
   AS02 - Street Address Match
   AS09 - Foreign Postal Code
   AS10 - Address Matched to CMRA
   AS12 - Address Deliverable by all Carriers
   AS13 - Address has been Updated by LACSLink
   AS14 - Suite appended by SuiteLink
   AS15 - Suite appended by Address Plus
   AS16 - Address is Vacant
   AS17 - Alternate Delivery Address
   AE01 - Zip Code Error
   AE02 - Unknown Street Error
   AE03 - Component Mismatch Error
   AE04 - Non-deliverable Address Error
   AE05 - Multiple Match Error
   AE06 - Early Warning System Error
   AE07 - Missing Minimum Input Address Error
   AE08 - Invalid Suite Range Error
   AE09 - Missing Suite Range Error
   AE10 - Invalid Primary Range Error
   AE11 - Missing Primary Range Error
   AE12 - Invalid PO/HC/RR Number Error
   AE13 - Missing PO/HC/RR Number Error
   AE14 - Missing CMRA Secondary Error

Build 3.031

Released May 1 2008

  • CASS Update July 2009.
  • Environmental strings in report templates and .dt files weren't being translated properly.
  • Fixed problem with auto-updater.
  • Updated CASS to Cycle M.

Build 3.030

Released November 2007

  • CASS Update December 2007.
  • Fixed anomaly with red radio buttons on Input Tables setup page (fixed a bug introduced in 3.028).
  • Added this changes.txt file to make it easier to find release notes.
  • When working with Input Source codes, the Analyzer's O/D/S overrides could cause a crash in rare circumstances.
  • File Control | Split Table: By Bytes would not allow file sizes over 0 bytes
Fixed Crash
  • When printing reports via Microsoft Word with tables having over 32 columns.
  • When printing reports via Microsoft Excel having pie charts or bar graphs.
  • When writing to Decimal fields using ADO.
Fixed Problem
  • When user tried to close application with certain child windows open or minimized.
  • With SQL Server not creating Decimal fields.

Build 3.029

Released September 2007

  • CASS Update October 2007.
  • Removed startup splash screen.
  • pdf version of the manual to the help file.
  • option to install Adobe Acrobat Reader (for reading pdf manual).

Build 3.028

Released July 2007

  • CASS Update August 2007.
  • USPS August 07 regulations now require DPV for CASS coding - you cannot print the PS 3553 form if you haven't selected DPV coding.
  • Changes to the PS 3553 form.

Build 3.027

Released June 2007

  • CASS Update June 2007.
  • Minor fix to CASS demo.

Build 3.026

Released April 2007

  • CASS Update April 2007.
  • Changes in splash screens and contact information to reflect Melissa Data acquisition of Peoplesmith Software.
  • Added LACS Link. See Setup | CASS: Options for more information.
  • Now using new installation program.

Build 3.025

Released March 2007

  • Fixed a crash when the user exited the window.
  • users that had CASS activated but never installed any CASS files were crashing upon program startup.

Build 3.024

Released February 2007

  • CASS Update February 2007.
  • If the user loaded a setup having a matchcode with the same name as one in the Matchcode Database (but different components), adding the matchcode with a different name didn't work properly.
  • Fixed a crash when a user installed a fairly old version of MatchUp and immediately updated it to the newest version.
  • Added DPV capability. See Setup| CASS: Options for more information.
  • Changed installation CD to a compressed image so that CASS and DPV were able to fit on a single CD.
  • Made the transaction buffer smaller so that processing didn't seem to hang when processing large Access or Excel files.
ASCII Export
  • Fixed a rare crash.
Tools | User Settings
  • Default Output Structure: Fixed a crash when user tried to add fields.
  • Default CASS Fields: Added default Error and Status fields.
Matchcode Editor
  • Now checks Advanced Combination expressions to ensure that they don't become invalid when the matchcode is modified in certain ways.
  • Can no longer be closed with the [X] button, as this led to unsaved changes.
  • Optimize button would repeat 16th column if it was shifted to the left.
Help File
  • Added new DPV information, updated several older screen shots, and standardized much of the layout.

Build 3.023

Released December 2006

  • CASS Update December 2006.
  • Improved the handling of some tables, particularly ones with 'odd' names.
  • Users can now override MatchUp's default field type settings when a table is created (see Overriding MatchUp's Field Types).
SQL Server
  • Users can now override MatchUp's default field type settings when a table is created (see Overriding MatchUp's Field Types).
Tools | Browse
  • Adjusted the wording of a few warnings so that they were easier to understand.
ASCII Import & Export
  • Processing should be much faster.
Analyze | Edit
  • If you tried to alter the default sort on a setup that had never been saved, you would crash the program.
Matchcode Editor
  • Added Frequency Near matching.
  • Restructured slightly and added more information about database connectivity.

Build 3.022

Released October 2006

  • CASS Update October 2006.
Matchcode Editor
  • Added a check to ensure that a user couldn't exit unless all matchcodes had at least one component and one combination.
Advanced File Type
  • The 'Ignore Case' option wasn't working with lower case data.

Build 3.021

Released September 2006

  • Minor fix to correct a MatchUp LE anomoly.

Build 3.020

Released September 2006

  • Minor fix to installation script to ensure that a street splitting pattern table is updated.

Build 3.019

Released August 2006

  • CASS Update August 2006.
Merge/Purge with CASS Setup
  • Improved CASS field guessing when selecting fields from the Output Field Mapping screen.
  • In certain rare situations, files using the Input Matchcode field weren't being processed correctly.
  • Phone numbers such as 999-999-9999 and 000-000-0000 are now intrepreted as blank.
Street Splitting
  • Some 'fractions' should not be treated as such. For example "123 State Route 28/18".
  • ".5 Main Street" wasn't being split properly.

Build 3.018

Released June 2006

  • Reports were missing the CTRL+O shortcut for Auto-Size All Columns.
  • Fixed unusual crash (cBitmap error) with one user where his column sizes would go totally out of wack from time to time.
SQL Server
  • Updates of data with an embedded single quote resulted in a crash.
Batch Processing
  • Sometimes MatchUp would get confused if you launched program from a different drive or directory.
Code Pages
  • Fixed a crash that was introduced in version 3.017 having to do with loading the default translation table.
  • The CTRL+R (Repeat for all sources) command wasn't working correctly for the "Source Code Size" field on the Advanced tab.

Build 3.017

Released June 2006

  • CASS Update June 2006.
  • Finally got rid of the rare 'mystery menu' that would appear on some Windows XP dialog boxes.
Expression Evaluation
  • "" $ "ABC" was returning true, it should be false.
ASCII Importer
  • Importer would crash if there was an embedded carriage return at the start of a field. Also changed the behavior of odd-delimited (not tab or comma) delimited importing to mimic tab delimited importing rather than comma.
  • Input Tables: Drag and drop of an Access or Excel table would result in an error if ADO was being used.
Multi-Buyer Field
  • You are now warned if you are using the Input Source Code for generation of this field, as this triggers Source Code reporting.
Source Code Reporting
  • Introduced a 1000 code limit, after which, matrices are not produced (Source Code (Source Code List, File Summary and Multiples are still produced, however). You can adjust this limit by adding a "SourceCodeLimit=" entry in the [General] section of the dt.ini file.
  • Tweaked behavior of Fast Near matching, especially with short strings.
  • Containment matching sometimes didn't consider the very last character of the shorter string in the comparison (ie, "Kim" would be contained in "Kid").
  • Fixed a random crash that had been very difficult to isolate.
Analyze | Edit
  • Fixed a crash when trying to sort a process having an extremely complex matchcode.
Street Splitter
  • Sloppy addresses such as "15-1/2 Main St" now get a correct street number of "15.5".
  • Secondaries such as "Apt 15-58" are now converted into "1558" for the purposes of deduping.
  • Improved the handling of bad addresses such as "15 Main St-18".
  • Added several MLK variations, BL (Boulevard or Building) and TE (Terrace).
  • The specified Translation Table wasn't always getting loaded (default table used instead).
  • Custom rank expressions were being right-justified rather than left.
Name Splitter
  • Ampersands (&) are now handled better.
  • EWS status flags were not always reported for some records.
  • Printing several topics would sometimes result in all topics being printed on the same page.

Build 3.016

Released March 2006

  • CASS Update April 2006.

Build 3.015

Released March 2006

  • The "7 days left" CASS warning will now go away on its own after 30 seconds (this was a problem with hands-off batch processes).
Tools | Browse
  • File-based Search & Replace would hang if "Any Occurrence" was selected.
  • CTRL+T (Toggle Delete) didn't always tag the correct record.
  • A keyboard shortcut (CTRL+O) for Column | Auto-Size All Columns.
  • "Henry" and "Hank" to Nickname table.
Setup | Open
  • If there were missing ASCII file(s), the "Relocate all files to" button didn't work properly.
Setup | Edit
  • Upon exit, the user is now warned about missing field mappings and/or possibly truncated fields (you can turn these warnings off if desired).
  • If outputting data to an Output Matchcode field; if the field was larger than the matchcode key, extra 'garbage' would appear at the end.
Street Splitter
  • Addresses with decimals were losing their decimal point.
  • The Multi-Buyer Count field was not always calculated properly when the third method was used.
Street Splitter
  • Splitting of "Farm to Market" (FM) addresses is now handled better.
  • Addresses like "268 Hwy 202/31" are now split properly.
  • Certain street addresses with slashes are now handled better (as in "300 Oak St/PO Box 12").
  • ASCII delimited files will now give you a more accurate progress indication in the bottom-left meter (but it is still an estimate).

Build 3.014

Released February 2006

  • CASS Update February 2006.

Build 3.013

Released January 2006

  • SDF Files over 4 Gigabytes are now handled properly.
  • FoxPro files with null fields are now handled better.
  • Added "Chuck", "Chucky" and "Chuckie" to Nickname table.
  • Sometimes output SDF files would cause a crash.
  • DAO now adds a "dt_rec_id" auto-numbering field to output table structures. This is to better ensure that merge/purge processes will not crash and process faster. Once processing is done, you can remove that field using Access or Excel. This field has been present in ADO processing since version 3.009.
Street Splitter
  • "816 W North Loop Rd", "3750 I 55 N", "876 FM 365 Rd", "15 FM 18", "56 E Loop 281", and "540 S Interstate 36 E" are now split properly.
  • Validate Zip matchcodes now better handle addresses having both a street address and PO Box.
  • Blank (null) dates are now posted to Access and Excel properly.
  • Leading and trailing spaces in an e-mail's user name are now stripped.
Windows XP
  • Fixed a few display anomalies (mainly the tool bar).
Analyze | Report
  • Template files (.tpl) containing percent signs (%) not associated with a macro are now printed properly.
  • The Word-based Matchcode Matrix file was incorrect.
  • Word-based reports are now compiled into a single Word document.
  • MatchUp would crash if you tried to overwrite a read-only file.
  • ASCII output files are now processed faster.
Analyze | Edit
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering or exiting the analyzer (very rare).

Build 3.012

Released December 2005

  • CASS Update December 2005.
  • The Val() function would return 0 if the specified string started with one or more spaces.
  • The expression <Date> - <Date> now evaluates to the number of days between the two specified dates.
  • The Str() and Transform() functions had problems with certain parameter combinations.
  • The Use Zip Index option will only be used for dBase/FoxPro files.
  • Alphabetic PO Boxes like "PO Box AVG" are more likely to be split properly now.
  • Custom Input Address lines (ie, dBase expressions) will now be processed correctly.
  • "12 Avenue 29" is now split properly.
  • Some work was done to make ADO processing (Access and Excel) more stable. Also, see Frequently Asked Questions if you are having problems processing these types of tables.
  • If you Pause a process and then click Cancel, you needed to Unpause before the window could close.
  • Matchcodes having a large key size (over 250 characters) could cause a crash. NOTE: Matchcodes having a large key size are usually a sign of a poorly designed matchcode.
  • The phonetex representation of "P" (just the single letter) was incorrect.
Analyze | Report
  • Added the Multi-Buyer count to the File Summary.
  • Added the Multi-Buyer Count field.
Matchcode Editor
  • Fixed a refresh anomaly when working with a matchcode having a single component.
Analyze | Edit | Sort
  • Made the drag and drop instructions more obvious.
  • "85 State Road" wasn't being split properly.
Windows XP
  • Screen positions weren't being remembered when a window was displayed on a second monitor.

Build 3.011

Released October 2005

  • CASS Update October 2005.
  • Added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) topic to address frequently asked questions.
  • Output Field Mapping wasn't allowing conversions to the Gender output type.
  • "100 Saint Mary's St" now matches "100 St Mary's St"
  • If you elected to Merge files to an ASCII output table, the program could crash.
  • When working with ASCII output files, there would be a double "Done" dialog box.
  • Canadian addresses such as "101-38 Main St" should match "38 Main St Apt 101". In the US, the same address would match "101 Main St Apt 38".
  • Inferred matching (A=B, B=C, so A=C) has been improved so that: (a) Inferences are detected between differing file types (suppression, regular, etc), (b) Inferences are detected regardless of record ranking, and (c) The correct output record is selected.
  • Before processing, the Setup Inspector would sometimes warn you about potential problems that weren't relevant.
Analyze | Report
  • Dupe Matrix and Quality Matrix counts were not always correct with regard to Intersection and Suppression files.
Analyze | Edit
  • Rarely, the first record displayed in a dupe group was not the output record.
  • There was often a rather long delay when the window was first opened (associated with CASS).

Build 3.010

Released August 2005

  • CASS Update August 2005.
  • The File Viewer and Field List windows no longer try to hide under MatchUp's main window when you set the focus back to the setup screen.
  • Added secondary ranking condition when user specifies that he/she will be assigning a rank. When two or more matching records have the same rank, the criteria will be used to break the tie.
  • Processing with a very wide rank field (over 200) would sometimes cause a crash.
  • Before processing, the Setup Inspector will ensure that you have an Output Table if you are scattering and/or gathering.
  • Leading and trailing semicolons were sometimes stripped from incoming data.
Analyze | Edit
  • Added an overview to the right of the vertical scroll bar, which gives you an overall view of the process's dupe groups. It can be turned off through Options | Overview.
Analyze | Report
  • Added multi-buyer reports. This fairly extensive set of reports is documented in Analyze and Report | View Reports.
  • The tabbed dialog has been replaced with an expanding tree view. The number of reports was making the tabbed dialog difficult to navigate.
  • Reorganized the Settings dialog.
  • The Multiple Counts (1x, 2x, etc) have been moved from the File Summary to their own report page.
  • Excel, Word and Template reports have been standardized so that each format shows the same information in the same format (or as close as possible).
  • Intra- and Inter- table statistics are now presented on the File Summary.
  • Added source code decoding. This allows you to specify a lookup table that will be used to describe source codes in your reports.
  • Cleaned up Analyze and Report | View Reports | Report Templates.
ASCII Processing
  • If you are using the 1st record as field names, the processor will no longer process this record as if it were real data.
ASCII Export
  • If exporting the table's field names as the first record, the field names will be surrounded with double quotes following the selected ASCII quote standard.

Build 3.009

Released June 2005

  • Secondaries such as "Apt-18", "Apt 18GF", "Apt 18 GF", "Apt GF 18" are now handled better.
  • Output file would sometimes gather from a mapped field even when "Gather" was not checked for that input field (and checked for the output field).
Analyze | Report
  • Tweaked the Processing Summary template (the one that's not Excel or Word) ever so slightly to show records processed.
Analyze | Edit
  • Locating a row (by contents of key) was not going to the correct row if an alternate sort or show/hide filter was in effect.
Matchcode Editor
  • Components that will be used in determining clusters are displayed with a light green background. This knowledge can be used to build more optimal matchcodes. See Concepts for more information on clustering and Optimizing Matchcodes for optimization information.
  • When editing a setup's matchcode, MatchUp will re-map fields (Matchcode Mapping tab) only when necessary. Previously, it would do this even if the changes had no impact on field mapping.
  • A warning is presented on the General tab if changes made in the Matchcode Editor have forced MatchUp to re-map fields.
  • The Swap Match dialog will use component labels if they are available.
ASCII Importer
  • In rare situations, it would incorrectly over-estimate a field size for a delimited file.
Access & Excel
  • Replaced data access technology. Previously, DAO was used, which had problems with some tables. Microsoft's newer ADO technology is now used, which should be more reliable in some cases. Use Tools | User Settings | General: Interface to select between DAO and ADO.
  • Gathering will be performed for the first 100 records.
  • Now produces 100 output records instead of 102.

Build 3.008

Released May 2005

  • CASS Update June 2005.
Form 3553
  • Some of the "To" dates were not always correct.

Build 3.007

Released May 2005

  • Added extra checking so that if a wise-guy user decides to look at a table in another application during processing, MatchUp will report an error rather than crashing.
  • Right-click menus have been improved in many areas.
  • The "Doubly Mapped" list box in the Check Mapping dialog wasn't resetting itself when the user moved from one input table to the next.
  • In Self Purge versus Intersection processing, the Multi-Buyer field wasn't populated correctly.
  • In No Purge versus Intersection processing, gathering was only being performed on the first match and none of the subsequent matching records.
  • When producing the Table Name, the Output Source Code was right-justifying the table name (should have been left-justified).
  • Added Luhn() to the expression editor (calculates the LUHN MOD-10 checksum).
  • Delimited file process has been sped up in certain circumstances.
  • Swap Matching has been improved in the Half Swap configuration.
  • The CASS driver was sometimes conflicting with some Melissa Data products.
  • More Case Studies have been added to the electronic documentation. Additionally, several of these case studies have setups and tables that are included in the installation.
Full Name Splitter
  • "Charles O. Leary" was winding up with a Last Name of "Oleary" instead of a Middle Initial of "O" and a Last Name of "Leary". This problem was specific to O' names that could appear with or without the O' prefix.
Government Name Splitter
  • Names with suffixes like "Public, Dr John Q. MD" are now split correctly.
Tools | Browse
  • CTRL+C/V/X now work even if you're not in edit mode.
  • State processing has been enhanced to convert full spellings to the 2-letter abbreviation, as well as fix common Canadian problems ("QC" and "PQ").
  • The "Stop at Word" would sometimes stop one word too soon.
  • "Start at Position" is now performed before SoundEx, Phonetex, Consonants Only, Numerics Only, Vowels Only and Alphas Only. For example, if "Start at Position" was 2 with "Consonants Only", "Ableson" would use "lsn" rather than "blsn".
ASCII Importer
  • Tab delimited files containing fields with embedded tabs were hanging the program.
  • When the CASS update (or in-line update) overwrites a file that could have been user-modified, a backup of the file is made (same name with a .bak extension).
  • Longer connection strings are now allowed. The original size (128) sometimes caused crashes.
  • Full names such as "Mr.Johnson" (with a period but no space between the "Mr" and "Johnson") weren't being split properly.

Build 3.006

Released April 2005

  • Certain windows would not restore properly from the task bar (rare).
  • Improved the progress meters' display when processing extremely large tables.
  • Synchronization problems associated with the setup's matchcode are no longer brought to your attention when batch processing.
  • When selecting an input table, if you selected an incorrect type (ie, a .dbf on an the ASCII tab), the program would crash when you hit OK.
  • Fixed several broken links to the help file.
  • Fixed Elapsed Time and Estimated Completion Time on processing dialogs. The merge/purge estimate was sometimes inaccurate.
  • Help | Test ODBC Connection would crash the program if the user canceled.
  • Merge/Purge would crash when outputting an ODBC table with a numeric field having a size the same as or smaller than the incoming data.
  • Floating point fields weren't being created.
  • Containment matching would sometimes hang the program.
  • E-Mail addresses sometimes weren't converted to upper case.
  • Custom and General weren't being converted to upper-case during processing.
  • An input Data Type of Custom wasn't always getting evaluated properly (particularly if it contained lower-case letters).
Matchcode Editor
  • Optimize would sometimes be a bit aggressive in optimization, removing combinations that were really necessary.
  • Setup would sometimes forget your Input Company setting.
  • Latitude and Longitude fields can now be numeric types (but must be created ahead of time).
Tools | ASCII Conversion | Import from ASCII
  • The "Manually Enter" option would sometimes crash.
  • The "Inherit Structure" option would sometimes crash.
Expression Evaluator
  • Typos in function names after the 4th position could be misinterpreted (for example, ReccNo() would be mistaken for Recc()).
Street Splitter
  • Added pattern for addresses such as "123 S Loop 384 E".
Analyze | Edit
  • Now displays a warning that the O/D/S button will have limited ability when working with read-only and/or ASCII files.
Tools | User Settings
  • Auto-Update would get stuck asking whether or not you want to exit.
Analyze | View Reports
  • the Processing Summary now displays the Start position of matchcode components.
Input Tables
  • Re-worded the "Table is Read-Only" message to more accurately describe the reason (is it read-only or is it ASCII?).

Build 3.005

Released March 2005

  • Quality Matrix counts weren't accurate when the counts came from Suppression or Intersection tables.
  • Scatter to Alternate Field didn't work in some cases.
  • Added 72 new entries to Street Split table (dtstreet.dbf). Some new secondaries as well as several Canadian entries.
  • ASCII Delimited files containing embedded single quotes (technically not correct) were causing the importer to hang. They are now handled properly.
  • If you exited a dialog that had "<Building List>" displayed in a Font List (combo box), you would crash the program.
  • PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN were being allowed when adding fields in certain locations.
  • If you pressed CTRL+R immediately after entering an invalid dBASE expression, you'd wind up in an endless loop.
  • If your setup contained an ASCII file and you had since removed the .sdx file, you are now prompted for action (rather than a crash).
  • Special Zip Code formatting (2/2/5) adjusted; blank entries don't get any 0's.
Matchcode Editor
Swap Matching
  • Added either/both option to better control whether or not a swap should be considered valid.
  • First Data not always working correctly.
  • Minimum and Gather: Maximum worked backwards for character fields.
Name Splitter
  • Hyphenated names now split properly ("Barbara Smith-Royes").
Street Splitter
  • "1 2 Upton Park" is now converted into "1/2 Upton Park"
Multibuyer field
  • 'suppress repeated' didn't work when the format was comma-delimited.
  • Wasn't getting populated properly when the information was coming from an Input Source Code field.
Analyze | Edit
  • Hovering the mouse over a Matchcode Key cell will now give you the CASS error as well as the street split pattern.
  • Hovering the mouse over a Matchcode Hit cell will now give you a more verbal description of the hit combination(s).
  • Start at Position and Start from Right would trim the rightmost character.
Output Field Mapping
  • Gathering would sometimes 'forget' that you had turned a gathering method off.
Analyze | Edit
  • Crashed if any of the output tables were ASCII.
  • Show/Hide Added Any/All/Exact to Matchcode Hit Combinations.
Matchcode Editor
  • Advanced Combination Settings: Added either/both option to better control when a combination should be used.

Build 3.004

Released February 2005

  • Added Latitude and Longitude lookup to the CASS processor.
  • Zip Code formatting has been improved: if the incoming Zip is less than 5 numbers, it is left-padded with 0's. This is particularly useful when working with Excel tables, as Excel is obsessed with making Zip Codes numeric fields.
  • Phone formatting has been improved. Like Zip above, Excel often will make phone numbers numeric, and the .0000 that would appear at the end of the phone number was not desired.
  • Analyze | Edit | Print: When printing to Excel, only one record would come out if you had elected to use no group separator.
  • Adding over 5-10 Excel tables would sometimes cause a crash.
  • Several enhancements have been made to the street splitter, particularly in the area of highway addresses ("123 Route 28 South") and oddball Rural Route addresses.
  • CASS expiration date now correctly shows 2/28/2005 instead of 2/8/2005.
  • Analyze | Edit: If you analyzed a setup, then edited the setup and added a source, the analyzer would not display the new source (you had to reset the display).
  • Gathering: Stacking Date and Numeric values has been fixed.
  • Gathering Earliest or Latest Dates has been fixed.
  • Using SoundEx or Phonetex in a matchcode would cause missed matches if the values being compared were numeric (particularly noticeable if Phonetexing a Street Name ("12 4th Ave").
  • UK Postcode formatted has been improved to better handle the Royal Post Postcode system.
  • Auto Update: Cleaned up the progress meters.
  • Matchcode Editor: If you removed the last matchcode, you would get an Unhandled Exception.
  • Wording on Multi-Buyer Format window has been added to clarify some of the formats.
  • Auto-Update now gives you this revision history when MatchUp is restarted.
  • When evaluating date values, the = operator wouldn't evaluate correctly if one of the date values had an hh:mm:ss value and the other didn't.
  • Tools | User Settings: CASS: Options: The automatic Zip+4 lookup would crash while you were entering an address if the CASS database was out of date.

Build 3.003

Released January 2005

  • Running the Demo with gathering caused a crash in some cases.
  • Auto-Update was sometimes crashing if firewall was present and blocking MatchUp.
Analyze | Edit
  • When running the demo, if the user tried to view a record that would have normally been output (but isn't because he's running the demo), the program would crash.
Help | About
  • Running with CASS Demo displayed a cryptic "ack" message instead of MatchUp's build date.
Swap Matching
  • The Match if both fields are blank option was handled improperly.
  • Order of incoming records (ie, prioritization) now has no impact on whether or not a swap match will be found, even if combination X's are improperly set.
Excel & Access
  • Output empty dates to these formats caused a crash.
  • File dates & times are now preserved from what is stamped on the CD to ensure that the Auto-Update feature can properly assess whether or not a file should be replaced.

Build 3.002

Released January 2005

  • The Demo version of the program was sometimes crashing when processing databases under 100 records.
Analyze | Edit
  • The O, D, and S override buttons now perform complete transactions. Previously, if the user had told DT to mark a record for deletion, the D button would not do so. A similar problem existed for Status Code fields.
Access & Excel
  • Character Type fields sized at exactly 255 caused problems when processing.
  • Output Field Mapping: An output field's size would sometimes change to 10 while editing an output field.

Build 3.001

Released December 2004

  • Fixed automatic Zip+4 lookup of Mailing Company's address in Tools | User Settings: Setup: CASS: Options.
CASS Processing
  • The Clear the Input Plus 4 field and Clear the Input Carrier Route field options now behave properly when no CASS match is found.
  • Very rarely, output Zip+4 field would not be cleared if the input contained a Zip+4 (but now the address no longer coded).
Merge/Purge Processing
  • Last cluster of records would sometimes not detect all duplicates.
Analyze | Sort
  • Rows would sometimes display an incomplete list of matchcode components.
Merge/Purge Processing
  • Added some logic so that short matching situations such as "Bob"="B"="Bill" would no longer occur.
  • With the phone processor, extract <n> characters from right wasn't working all the time.
UK Version
  • Corrected language: "Postcode", not "Post Code".
Added the Advanced
  • dBASE Emulation option under Tools | User Settings: General: Interface.
  • In Check Mapping, DT3 reports any fields that have been mapped more than once (because sometimes people make mistakes).
  • The Field List Drag & Drop window now shows already mapped fields in cyan, so that users can better recognize unmapped fields.
Lookup Tables
  • Changed expansion of "Via" to "Via" rather than "Viaduct", as it can have a different meaning in Puerto Rico.
  • Some Field Types and Field Names caused a crash when an Excel output table was being created.
Tools | Modify Structure
  • Databases contained packed binary character fields would lose this information.
dBASE Expressions
  • Some date comparisons (=, <, >, etc.) weren't always working properly.
Decimal Field Types
  • Small numbers (between 0 and 1) weren't being represented properly.
Tools | Browse
  • The column resizer works a lot better when the user is trying to stretch a field near the edge of the window.

Build 3.000

Released December 2004

  • Initial release.

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