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Build 2070

Released October 2012

Compatibility Summary
  • Deprecated methods are present to ensure backwards compatibility, their functionality has been automatically rolled into the Object.
  • You must update the RightFielder object and data files together. They are not cross compatible with the object and data files from the previous version of RightFielder.
Interface Changes
  • Parse() is the recommended processing function. Pre-release versions accepeted two parameters. The current version accepts a single parameter - the freeform / unfielded data to parse.
  • The following methods have been removed from beta versions. If you recieved RightFielder Object as a pre-released / beta version, you must remove these methods from being called...
    • GetDatabaseExpirationDate() //database no longer expires
    • ClearProperties() //automatically done by the object
  • The following Enumerations have changed:
    • Delimiters: SetDelimiter now takes an enum parameter rather than a string But deprecated, so calling this method is not recommended.
    • ProgramStatus: value of 3 - DatabaseExpired has been removed (see above)
Functionality Changes
  • The following methods are deprecated. a call to either is simply redirected to Parse()...
    • ParseFreeForm()
    • ParseFielded()
  • The following methods are deprecated. the Object contains new datatype recognition logic to automatically determine when the following are set...
    • SetDelimiter()
    • SetAcceptFullName()
    • SetAcceptDepartment()
    • SetAcceptCompany()
    • SetAcceptAddress()
    • SetAcceptCityStateZip()
    • SetAcceptCountry()
    • SetAcceptPhone()
    • SetAcceptEmail()
    • SetAcceptURL()
Data File Changes
  • The structure of the has been changed, older versions of the data file will no longer work with the new library

Build 2017

Released August 2012

  • No Changes

Build 1974

Released May 2012

HP-UX Deprecation Notice
  • The HP-UX version of RightFielder Object is no longer available or supported.

Build 1930

Released February 2012

HP-UX Deprecation Notice
  • The HP-UX version of RightFielder Object is no longer available or supported.

Build 1885

Released October 2011

  • No Changes

Build 1826

Released August 2011

Functionality Changes
  • Fixed a crash when parsing a certain type of input.

Build 1782

Released May 2011

Interface Changes
  • GetDatabaseExpirationDate() has been removed. The RightFielder database will no longer expire and can be used indefinitely before your license expiration.
  • Enumeration mdRightFielderProgramStatus value of 3 - DatabaseExpired has been removed to coincide with the removal of GetDatabaseExpirationDate().
  • ClearProperties() has been removed. All fields will be automatically cleared when you call ParseFreeForm or ParseFielded.
  • New enumeration named Delimiter added. This will allow users to more easily pick the delimiter for RightFielder to use.
  • SetDelimiter no longer takes a string value as the parameter but takes the new Delimiter enumeration.
  • The Parse() method has been removed in favor on ParseFreeForm() and ParseFielded. ParseFreeForm is to be used with freeform data (no delimiters) while ParseFielded to be used with fielded data.
Please reference the documentation for details.
Functionality Changes
  • Fixed a bug where FL was being recognized as 'floor' when it was intended as the abbreviation for Florida.

Build 1733

Released January 2011

  • No Changes.

Build 1674

Released October 2010

  • Initial release of the RightFielder API.