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Build 4.1

Released February 2014

Contact Verification Component
Address Object Build: 2288
Name Object Build: 2288
Phone Object Build: 2288
Email Object Build: 2288
Geocoder Object Build: 2312
MatchUp Object Build: 2137
Database Date: 01/15/2014
  • Added Congressional District output to MD Cloud mode processing.
  • Updated GUI Display to properly reflect Geocoding level of accuracy when MD Cloud processing.
Personator Component
  • Fixed issues related to difficulties in the inputting of the license string.
  • Fixed Pass-thru All/None button.
  • Added Survivorship processing option.
  • Expression evaluator didn't recognize fields delimited with square brackets.

Build 3.5

Released November 2013

Installer Changes
  • The following component is now included in the Data Quality Components for SSIS: Personator
Contact Verification Component
Address Object Build: 2274
Name Object Build: 2274
Phone Object Build: 2274
Email Object Build: 2274
Geocoder Object Build: 2269
MatchUp Object Build: 2137
Database Date: 10/15/2013
  • Fixed rare cloud bug where if an SE01 error did not return 100 records, an incorrect error message was relayed to user.
  • Updated on-premise e-mail options to reflect new build (Fuzzy Lookup and Web Service Lookup options added).
  • Fixed a problem where Input Company did not have a [None] option.
  • Added SSIS variables: CASSFormProcessorName, CASSFormListName, CASSFormName, CASSFormCompany, CASSFormAddress, CASSFormCity,CASSFormState, CASSFormZip, SOAFormProcessorName, SOAFormAddress, SOAFormCity, SOAFormProvince, SOAFormPostalCode, SOAFormFileName
  • Added ability to standardize Company names
Personator Component
  • Added New Personator Component
SmartMover Component
  • Added Community Edition mode, users can demo UI but cannot process.
Global Verify Component
  • Added Community Edition mode, users can demo UI but cannot process.

Build 08/2013

Released August 2013

Installer Changes
The DQC-web.exe Web Installer now installs a set of required data files:
  • mdAddr.dat
  • mdEmail.cfg
  • mdEmail.dat
  • mdName.cfg
  • mdName.dat
  • mdPhone.dat
  • mdPhone.idx
  • ZIPNPA.txt
Contact Verification Component
Address Object Build: 2214
Name Object Build: 2214
Phone Object Build: 2214
Email Object Build: 2214
Geocoder Object Build: 2225
MatchUp Object Build: 2137
Database Date: 7/15/2013
  • Added the Community Edition for non-licensed users.
  • Added Company Standardization under the Name Tab
  • Added new properties to the output CASS Form
Smart Mover Component
  • Fixed bug (first seen in SmartMover, but likely in all components), where on systems where a full BIDS install was not done, some of the .config settings were not getting loaded.

Build 05/2013

Released May 2013

Contact Verification Component
Address Object Build: 2149
Name Object Build: 2149
Phone Object Build: 2149
Email Object Build: 2149
Geocoder Object Build: 2182
Database Date: 4/15/201
  • Added MatchUp Community and MatchUp Lite Editions
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't select "Fixed Length Unicode" on the Default Column Types
  • Fixed bug, in command-line runs Lookup stream sometimes was not getting records populated (you'd just get null fields).
  • Fixed crash when processing with Lookup table and Golden Record.
  • Fixed GUI anomaly, previous changes to Field Mappings would be forgotten if you re-entered that tab from another tab.
  • Addresses that cannot be GeoCoded will now return a Latitude/Longitude of blank instead of zero (0).ed.
  • Old Email Data Files are no longer supported.
  • mdDomain.dat
  • mdEmail.ini
  • mdEmailConfig.ini
This release includes new data sets for Email and is not backwards compatible.
New Data Files
  • mdEmail.dat
  • mdEmail.cfg
It is required to update both the object and the data files for this update.

Build 02/2013

Released February 2013

Contact Verification Component
Address Object Build: 2085
Name Object Build: 2057
Phone Object Build: 2057
Email Object Build: 2057
Geocoder Object Build: 2134
Database Date: 1/15/2013
MatchUp Component
MatchUp Object Build
  • Added Golden Record capability to Options tab.
  • Fixed crash when working with very large data sets and limited disk space.
  • User may now specify where work files are stored in 'Advanced Configuration dialog.
  • Improved matching speed in some situations.

Build 09/2012

Released September 2012

Intersecting deduper
Re-Worked Intersecting Deduper for improved performance
New Match Code Editor Interface
Simplified and improved the MatchCode Editor
Added Fuzzy Matching Algorithms
The following algorithms were added for fuzzy matching compatibility:
  • N-Gram
  • Jaro
  • Jaro-Winkler
  • Longest Common Substring
  • Needleman-Wunsch
  • MD Keyboard
  • Smith-Waterman-Gotoh
  • Dice’s Coefficient
  • Jaccard Similarity
  • Overlap Coefficient
  • Double Metaphone
Added new Match Code Types
The following match code types were added to MatchUp:
  • Proximity
  • Numeric
  • Date
2012 Compatibility
The Data Quality Components for SSIS is now available and supported in SQL Server 2012
New Global Component
Global Component for validating and correcting international addresses is now released for SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012.
2005 SSIS Components have been deprecated and are no longer fully supported.

Build 06/2012

Released June 2012

Compatibility Summary
Address: None. Object and Data file only update.
Name: None
Phone: None
Email: None
If the installer cannot recognize (or mis-recognizes) the version of SQL Server SSIS that you have installed, you can force it to install to a particular version with one of the command-line switches: /Force2005x32, /Force2005x64, /Force2008x32 or /Force2008x64. Only use one of these switches at one time. Often, the installer has recognition issues because a critical component of SQL Server may be missing (such as SSIS services). As a result, after forcing an install in this manner, you may have difficulties using the DQS components.
Contact Verification Component
Address Object Build: 1974
Name Object Build: 1974
Phone Object Build: 1974
Email Object Build: 1974
Geocoder Object Build: 1979
Database Date: 5/15/2012
  • Added 'Report result codes for empty input' option to 'Output Filter' tab.
  • User may now specify a proxy server on 'Advanced' dialog.
  • Fixed bug: sometimes the Canadian Geocoding option wasn't getting recognized.
SmartMover Component
  • User may now specify a proxy server on 'Advanced' dialog.
Fuzzy Matching Component
  • Minor name change.
MatchUp Component
MatchUp Object Build: 1985
  • Matchcode Editor is now fully integrated into component.
  • Fixed bug, combination result codes not reported in all setup configurations.
  • Fixed crash/hang in certain setup configurations involving passthrough fields.
  • User may now specify where work files are stored in 'Advanced Configuration dialog.
  • New matching data types: Geographic Proximity, Numeric Difference, Date Difference.
  • New fuzzy matching rules: N-Gram, Jaro Distance, Jaro-Winkler Distance, Longest Common Substring, Jaccard Index, Dice's Coefficient, Overlap Coefficient, Needleman-Wunsch, Smith-Waterman-Gotoh, MD Keyboard, Double Metaphone.
  • Improved matching accuracy in some situations.
  • Improved matching speed in some situations.
  • Eliminated certain matchcode requirements and restrictions that were previously required.
  • Added 'Record Suppresion' processing mode.
  • Added 'Record Intersection' processing mode.