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Current Build

Released June 2012

Compatibility Summary
Address: None. Object and Data file only update.
Name: None
Phone: None
Email: None
If the installer cannot recognize (or mis-recognizes) the version of SQL Server SSIS that you have installed, you can force it to install to a particular version with one of the command-line switches: /Force2005x32, /Force2005x64, /Force2008x32 or /Force2008x64. Only use one of these switches at one time. Often, the installer has recognition issues because a critical component of SQL Server may be missing (such as SSIS services). As a result, after forcing an install in this manner, you may have difficulties using the DQS components.
Contact Verification Component
Address Object Build: 1974
Name Object Build: 1974
Phone Object Build: 1974
Email Object Build: 1974
Geocoder Object Build: 1979
Database Date: 5/15/2012
  • Added 'Report result codes for empty input' option to 'Output Filter' tab.
  • User may now specify a proxy server on 'Advanced' dialog.
  • Fixed bug: sometimes the Canadian Geocoding option wasn't getting recognized.
SmartMover Component
  • User may now specify a proxy server on 'Advanced' dialog.
Fuzzy Matching Component
  • Minor name change.
MatchUp Component
MatchUp Object Build: 1985
  • Matchcode Editor is now fully integrated into component.
  • Fixed bug, combination result codes not reported in all setup configurations.
  • Fixed crash/hang in certain setup configurations involving passthrough fields.
  • User may now specify where work files are stored in 'Advanced Configuration dialog.
  • New matching data types: Geographic Proximity, Numeric Difference, Date Difference.
  • New fuzzy matching rules: N-Gram, Jaro Distance, Jaro-Winkler Distance, Longest Common Substring, Jaccard Index, Dice's Coefficient, Overlap Coefficient, Needleman-Wunsch, Smith-Waterman-Gotoh, MD Keyboard, Double Metaphone.
  • Improved matching accuracy in some situations.
  • Improved matching speed in some situations.
  • Eliminated certain matchcode requirements and restrictions that were previously required.
  • Added 'Record Suppresion' processing mode.
  • Added 'Record Intersection' processing mode.