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Build 2.0.23

Released January 2021

New Features
  • New Result Code AS12:
    • Melissa’s BusinessCoder service has a new functionality to handle historic addresses of businesses and companies by returning the most current address of companies. There will be a new result code that will get returned if a move is detected: AS12. This result code indicates that the record moved to a new address.

Build 1.3.16

Released December 2017

New Features
  • Melissa Enterprise Key (MEK) input now available
    • Input a Business Coder generated unique id to get the same business back
    • Available in both REST and JSON
  • ReturnDominantBusiness now defaults to Yes
    • Change to ReturnDominantBusiness:No for original behavior
  • New Business Suggestions field now available
    • Returns list of possible businesses, if input is only given a company name
    • Return Dominant Business needs to be set to ‘No’
    • Must add option ‘EnableSuggestions:true’ for suggestions to show
    • ‘TotalSuggestions’ field now adding, indicating the number of suggestions in the Suggestions array
    • Max number of suggestions is 500
  • Phone appends will now only append if the phone input is blank
  • Company output is now limited to 50 characters
  • Fixed issue with certain characters not handled correctly

Build 1.3.10

Released July 2017

New Feature
  • Contact Phone – Phone numbers for Contacts
  • Contact Emails now return data
  • MEK – Melissa Enterprise Keys; unique keys for each individual business.
  • EIN is now populated by GrpBusinessCodes column

Build 1.3.6

Released January 2017

New Feature
  • Contacts – Now able to return the Name, Title, Gender of each employee for a particular business.
New Option
  • MaxContacts – Able to dictate up to how many employees contact information we will return.
New Default Output
  • TotalContacts – Shows how many contacts we have in our databases for a particular business.

Build 1.2.8

Released March 2016

  • Initial Release