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What kind of Business Firmographics Can I get from Business Coder?

The following are the fields and information that can be retrieved from the Business Coder Service:

Column Name Data Definition
CompanyName Name of the Business
AddressLine1 First Address Line
Suite Suite
City City
State State
PostalCode ZipCode/PostalCode
Plus4 Plus4 of the Address
DeliveryIndicator Residential Or Business Address Indicator
MelissaAddressKey Unique key assigned to an Address Record
MelissaAddressKeyBase Unique Key assigned to the base address of a complex with apartments or suites.
LocationType The code denoting whether the business is a headquarter, a branch, or a subsidiary headquarter.

For a list of possible values, see Business Coder Response - LocationType

Phone 10-Digit Phone Number
EmployeesEstimate This field contains the estimate number of employees who work at this particular business location.
SalesEstimate This field contains the estimate sales volume particular business location.
StockTicker Unique abbreviation/symbol assigned by the stock exchange for listed companies.
WebAddress The Web Address/Domain for a Company.
SICCode1 6-digit Standard Industrial Classification code for the business's primary activity (line of business).
SICCode2 Second SIC Code
SICCode3 Third SIC Code
NAICSCode1 North American Industry Classification System code.
NAICSCode2 Second NAICS Code
NAICSCode3 Third NAICS Code
SICDescription1 SIC Code Description
SICDescription2 Second SIC Code Description
SICDescription3 Third SIC Code Description
NAICSDescription1 NAICS Code Description
NAICSDescription2 Second NAICS Code Description
NAICSDescription3 Third NAICS Code Description
Latitude Latitude Geo Coordinate
Longitude Longitude Geo Coordinate
CountyName Name of the County
CountyFIPS FIPS of the County
CensusTract Census Tract number for the address
CensusBlock Census Block number for the address
PlaceCode Census Bureau Place Code
PlaceName Census Bureau Place Name
Results Returns Record Specific Result Codes.

Business Coder Result Code List

TransmissionResults Returns Error Codes for Web Service Level issues.
RecordID ID of the Record
TransmissionReference Pass through of the Input Transmission Reference.
Version Current Web Service Version
TotalRecords The total number of records returned in the records array.

What type of Information can I submit to the Web Service in order to get business firmographics?

The Business Coder Web Service can be queried using any one of the following Input Data:

  1. Address (With or without the company name)
  2. Phone Number
  3. Melissa Address Key (Can be retrieved using any of Melissa Data’s Address Verification Solutions)
  4. Web Address
  5. Stock Ticker

Where does Business Coder Get it’s Data?

The Business Coder Database is compiled from several sources and industries. The final combined database merges the data to about 15 million records of business information. This data is then exposed through the Business Coder Web Service which allows for appending Firmographics. Since the service revolves heavily around the contents of the data, the exact provider for the sources is not something we can disclose at the moment as we prefer to keep this information private in order to maintain the product’s uniqueness and value in the industry.