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Melissa Data Cloud Services support the following protocols, all using HTTP:


POST request using XML or JSON with XML or JSON response

An HTTP POST is issued with the "ContentType" header specifying the format of the request and the "Accept" header specifying the format of the response. The default for both request and response is "application/xml".

SOAP request/response

Same as the traditional SOAP requests used by other Melissa Data Web services.

GET request with querystring - XML/JSON response

Similar to traditional REST requests used by other Melissa Data web services in that the parameters are put into the querystring for the request. However, the response format can be controlled via the "Accept" header (default is "application/xml").

POST request with "ContentType=application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

Similar to the GET request above, but the querystring is put into the body of the request (with the leading "?" removed) and the POST verb is used instead of the GET verb. Typically used when submitting forms in HTML.