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Melissa Cloud Services provide the power of our APIs with a low maintenance solution. All of the reference data is housed on Melissa maintained servers that have the most up-to-date data.

Global Cloud Services

Personator Identity Verification
Checks and verifies your client/contact data globally. Verify a person’s name, address, phone, email, date of birth and their national ID against trusted reference data easily.
Global Express Entry
Auto-complete address verification service that will complete your query with a verified address, including city, state, and postal code with 50% fewer keystrokes.
Global Address Verification
Verify, geocode, and standardize mailing addresses from across the world with the flexibility and accuracy delivered by Melissa products.
Global Email
Verify email mailboxes, syntax, and domains in real-time to confirm they are deliverable. Takes an input email address and returns a status of deliverability to the box level, as well as returns domain information.
Global Phone
Return detailed firmographic data on 25+ million U.S. companies including contact title, address, phone and email by supplying an input Business name, Stock Ticker or Business Address.
Global Name
Verify, standardize, and parse person and business names while identifying suspicious or vulgar names by sending in a full name
IP Locator
Return a geolocation of an input IP address with latitude and longitude, proxy info, city, region and country.
Business Coder UK
Search for Business Demographics in the United Kingdom data based on the address and company name.
Global Business Search
Perform flexible searches to Melissa business databases. Performing skip-tracing type searches, searching for business information with limited information, such as just the business’s name.
Street Route Cloud API
Check travel time from one latitude and longitude to another.

North America Cloud Services

Personator Consumer
USPS CASS/DPV certified address checking, name parsing and genderizing, geocoding, phone and email verification are easily performed with API.
Personator Search
Perform flexible searches to Melissa consumer databases. Perform skip-tracing type searches, searching for consumer information with limited information, such as just the person’s name.
SmartMover V3
The most current address data available any time and anywhere through, using the most cutting edge NCOA™ technology from the USPS.
Property V4
Return comprehensive property and mortgage info for over 140 million U.S. properties based on supplied Assessor Parcel Number or input address.
Business Coder
Search for Business Demographics data based on the address and company name.
LeadGen Cloud API
Available for private, in-house use, or as a portal for your customers to use to make their list selections. You can custom-design a website to meet your own needs, as well as those of your customers.
MatchUp Web Service
Compares records and eliminates duplicates.
Reverse GeoCoder
Find the nearest valid addresses to a latitude and longitude coordinate.
Telco SmartSearch
Electronic searches (or dips) into our high quality telephone listings database. Provided over HTTP or HTTPS and all data exchanged is an XML query and response format.
Street Search
Match a street name or just a partial street name and return any valid addresses matching that pattern.
Zip Search
Match city names with ZIP/Postal codes, ZIP/Postal codes with city names and searches for city names matching a pattern with a given state.