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The Contact Verify Component can generate reports on the data you process. The Reporting tab allows you to control whether or not you generate a report, as well as where they are saved, and which reports to generate.

CZ CV Reporting.png

Reporting Options

Here you select whether or not to generate a report and where it will be saved.

Generate Report
Check this box to have a report generated.
Save Reports
Check this box to have the generated report saved.
Job Name
You may enter a Job Name here.
Location to save file(s)
This is where you specify the location of the report(s) to be saved. You can also click the folder icon and browse to the desired location.

Output Options

Here you may select which reports will be generated. This section will be greyed-out if Generate Report is not checked. If none of these are checked, but Generate Report is, only an overview job summary will be generated.

Address Details
Check this to generate an Address Details record.
Email Details
Check this to generate an Email Details record.
Geocoder Details
Check this to generate an Geocorder Details record.
Name Details
Check this to generate an Name Details record.
Phone Details
Check this to generate an Phone Details record.