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The Input Address Columns tab contains all the mappings to your source data.

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Global Address Input Fields

The name of any organization associated with the address record.
Address Line 1-8 (Address Line 1 Required)
Input fields for the address. Should contain the delivery address information (house number, thoroughfare, building, suite, etc.) but should not contain locality information (locality, administrative area, postal code, etc.) which have their own inputs.
At least one Address Line is required.
Double-Dependent Locality
The smallest population center data element. Depends on the Locality and Dependent Locality elements.
Dependent Locality
A smaller population center data element. Depends on the Locality element.
US Term: Urbanization.
In terms of US Addresses, this element applies only to Puerto Rican addresses. It is used to break ties when a ZIP Code is linked to multiple instances of the same address.
Locality (Required)
The most common population center data element.
US Term: City.
Canadian Term: Municipality.
See Note 1.
Sub-Administrative Area
The smallest geographic data element.
US Term: County.
Administrative Area (Required)
The most common geographic data element.
US Term: State.
Canadian Term: Province.
See Note 1.
Postal Code (Required)
The complete postal code for a particular delivery point.
US Term: ZIP.
Canadian Term: Postcode.
See Note 1.
Sub-National Area
The administrative region within a country on an arbitrary level below that of the sovereign state.
Country (Required)
The country name, abbreviation, or code.
If Country field is not specified or is empty, use country:
Use this drop down to specify a default country to use if your data lacks a country field.

Note 1

For US and Canada Only: You must set either Locality and Administrative Area or Postal Code. If all three elements are provided and the Postal Code is incorrect, it can be corrected from the data on the Locality and Administrative Area.