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The Processing Options tab contains the processing options for your data.

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Processing Options

Country of Origin
This is used to determine whether or not to include the country name as the last line in Formatted Address
  • Acceptable Value: Any valid ISO-3166-1 Alpha-2, ISO-3166-1 Alpha-3, or ISO-3166-1 Numeric code.
  • If blank, invalid, or the same as the destination country, then the destination country is not appended to the end of the formatted address.
  • If valid and different from the destination country, then the destination country is appended to the formatted address.
  • US or US Territory:
  1. If Country of Origin and destination country being verified are both US or US Territories then the country will not be appended to Formatted Address.
  2. US Territories will have “Unite States of America” appended if the Country of Origin is not a US Territory, but the Country Name and ISO codes will be that of the territory.
  3. Canada is treated like any other non-US Territory.
Output Script
The character set to use to format the output data.
  • Match Input: Return the output in the same script used in the input.
  • Latin: Convert all output to the latin character set.
Line Separator
The delimiter to use to separate multiple lines in the data returned by Formatted Address.
Delivery Lines
Select the addressing style that best describes the type of data that you would like to output.