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Personator for Scribe Online

Data quality functionality to cross-reference the validity of your CRM data by verifying a U.S. customer record is deliverable, and that names correspond to address, email, and telephone data. Also adds missing data to complete your contact records and provides you with the new addresses of people and companies that have moved.

Main Data Elements

The main data elements include:


Parse, validate, geocode, and more.

The Check action allows you to:

  • Pass in a series of records and find any invalid addresses, phone numbers, or emails.
  • Correct errors within the data.
  • Append additional data to the records.
  • Parse out specific types of data from the input.

Advanced Address Correction

Within the Check action there is an optional feature called Advanced Address Correction (AAC). This feature leverages the name input with the record to make more aggressive corrections and appends to an address. It can correct or add house numbers, cities, states, and ZIP Codes. AAC is available only for US addresses.


Next-generation contact data verification.

The Verify action compares different groups of data to the centric group defined by the user. It verifies the record as a whole, letting you know whether each group coincides with the centric piece of data in the Melissa Data Knowledge Base. You can define fields like address, phone number, or email as the centric data against which the other groups of data are compared. Auto-detection of the centric data is also available. The Verify action returns only results codes, telling you which sections of data passed verification against the centric data and which sections did not. With Verify, you can enter records, select the centric data as the field you are most confident in, and determine the accuracy of your input information. The Verify action is available only for US addresses.


Add emails, phone numbers, names, and company names to your records. Giving you the freshest and most up-to-date contact information.

The Append action allows you to enrich your US contact records with data returned by the Personator Web Service. The service will return elements based on the selected point of centricity which can either be the address, email, or phone. Through the Append action, you can fill in missing information in your contacts, correct them, and ensure that each of the data elements coincide, thus giving an accurate representation of each contact record.


Find customers who have recently moved.

The Move action allows you to update your US contact records with data returned by the Personator Web Service. The service allows for retrieving the most current address for a person or business. Thus if an old address is entered for a particular individual, Personator will return the latest address for that person.

When you assemble a complete, holistic record knowing each contact point is deliverable and accurate against USPS® and Telco information, you'll be able to improve customer/prospect communications, easily identify purchasing trends, and mitigate risks.

Global Address Verification for Scribe Online

Global Address Verification puts address in standardized mailing format for each specific country and correct global addresses for better matching and consolidation. It supports data in any UTF8 language and adds missing components such as postal codes, region etc.

  • Supports 240 countries in the world.
  • Will detail both the accuracy of a given address and the possible accuracy of a given country.
  • Still supports the expected accuracy.

Global Terms

There are some differences between U.S. terms and global terms for common address elements. Please reference the Global Terms page for a full list of Global terms and their respective analog in U.S. terms.