Data Quality Components for Scribe Online:Overview

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Personator for Scribesoft

Data quality functionality to cross-reference the validity of your CRM data by verifying a U.S. customer record is deliverable, and that names correspond to address, email, and telephone data. Also adds missing data to complete your contact records and provides you with the new addresses of people and companies that have moved.

The main data elements include:

  • Check - Parse, validate, geocode, and more.
  • Verify - Next-generation contact data verification.
  • Append - Add emails, phone numbers, names, and company names to your records.
  • Move - Find customers who have recently moved.

When you assemble a complete, holistic record knowing each contact point is deliverable and accurate against USPS® and Telco information, you'll be able to improve customer/prospect communications, easily identify purchasing trends, and mitigate risks.

Global Address Verification

  • Global Check – standardize and validate addresses in 240 countries

Global Address Verification puts address in standardized mailing format for each specific country and correct global addresses for better matching and consolidation. It supports data in any UTF8 language and adds missing components such as postal codes, region etc.