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Personator Parameters

Input parameters are all optional except for the License Key. If you hover over the parameter you will get a tooltip with the description of the parameter.

License Key

This is your key to access the Melissa Data services. Please contact a sales representative at 1-800-800-6245 x3 for a valid License Key.


The Check action will validate the individual input data pieces for validity and correct them if possible. If the data is correctable, additional information will often be appended as well. US and Canada only.


The Verify action will return to you the relationships between your different input data pieces. It can show you if your name, address, email, and phone number are correlated (belonging to the same person) or not. US only.


The Move action will return the latest address for an individual or business if a previous address was entered. Move requires either a Last Name and Address, or a Business/Company Name and Address as inputs. US only. Move also returns results codes that help identify which addresses were updated with a move.


The Append action will return elements based on the selected point of centricity which can either be the address, email or phone. For example, an address centric Append will return the name, company, phone and email associated with the given address. US only. Append also returns result codes which help you identify which elements were appended.

UsePreferredCity (off, on)

Default value is off.

For every city in the United States, there is an official name that is preferred by the U.S. Postal Service. There may be one or more unofficial or “vanity” names in use. Normally, Personator allows you to verify addresses using known vanity names. If the usePreferredCity is set to on, Personator will substitute the preferred city name for all vanity names when it verifies an address.

Diacritics (auto, on, off)

Default value is auto.

Determines whether or not French language characters are returned. If set to auto, those characters are only returned if they are in the input.

AdvancedAddressCorrection (off, on)

Default value is off.

US only. Uses the name input to perform more advanced address corrections. This can correct or append house numbers, street names, cities, states, and ZIP codes.

CentricHint (Auto, Address, Phone, Email)

Default value is Auto.

When set to Auto, it first uses Address if available, followed by Phone if no Address is available, and lastly Email if neither Address nor Phone are available. Use this to tell the service which piece of information to use as the primary pivot when verifying information.

Append (Blank, CheckError, Always)

Setting the Append option to Always will cause the service to return information all the time, regardless of whether the input address, phone, email, name or company is blank or incorrect.Setting the Append option to Blank will cause the service to return information only when the input address, phone, email, name or company is blank.Setting the Append option to CheckError will cause the service to return information when there are errors to either the address, phone, email, name or company. What an error entails are defined as follows:

  • Address Error: If the input address was not found in the database, was not at the least partially verified, or could not be corrected. (does not contain AS01, AS02, or AS03).
  • Phone Error: If the input phone number was not matched to either the 10 digit or 7 digit level at the least. (does not contain PS01 or PS02).
  • Email Error: If the input email address was not found in the database, or if the email is unconfirmed. (does not contain ES01 or ES03).
  • Name Error: If the input name did not parse successfully (does not contain NS01)
  • Company Error: If the input company was blank.

SSL Connection

The default is true.

The enricher uses an SSL secure connection to transfer data to and from Melissa Data webservices. You can turn off SSL by setting this to false.