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Data Quality Web Service Ver 2.10

Released July 2007

New Features
  • CBSA information has been added to the Web Service. In the XML web service, tags CBSACode, CBSATitle, CBSALevel, CBSADivisionCode, CBSADivisionTitle, CBSADicitionLevel are now available and in the SOAP web service, CSBA data has been added to pkgAddressGeographicArea.

Data Quality Web Service Ver 1.43

Released November 2005

New Features
  • [4/12/2007] The Census Block field in the Geocoder package has reverted back to a 4 character string. It was originally reduced down to a 1 character string due to imprecise data, but better and more accurate data has been received to return back to a 4 character string.
  • [4/15/2006] The Census Block field in the Geocoder package is changing from a 4 character string to a 1 character sting. This was done to eliminate imprecision and overlaps that occurred in the data. Only the block group will be returned for more accurate results.
  • pkgAddressGeocode returns latitude and longitude for Canadian addresses in addition to US addresses.
Issues Fixed
  • pkgAddressMailing - Corrected the issue that occurred when a Canadian address was sent without a country code. The country code is now inferred from the address and added.
  • pkgAddressMailing – Zip codes that were submitted with a space in the beginning (“ 92688”) were being interpreted as “9268“. Now, all spaces are stripped out before processing.
  • pkgAddressMailing – EWS addresses are now correctly returned with the status code of “X”, error code of “W”, and error description of “Early Warning Address.” Early warning addresses are not currently in the database but scheduled to be added to the USPS ZIP+4 Code master file in the coming months, such as housing developments and new construction. EWS addresses are updated by the USPS weekly.
  • pkgAddressGeocode – County names and FIPS codes are now returned when pkgAddressGeocode and pkgAddGeographicArea are selected together.
  • pkgAddressMailing + pkgAddressGeocode – Fixed the issue of geocode information not being returned for US and Canadian addresses if the country code was not submitted. Geocode information is now returned and the country code is inferred from the address.
  • pkgDeliveryPointValidation – A valid DPV footnotes value is now returned for all status codes and every address submitted, good or bad. Previously, a null value was returned for bad addresses.
  • Special Characters – XML Special characters are now decoded in the web service requests. (Ex: O ' neil is converted to O ‘ neil) There is actually no need to use special characters in requests at all.
  • Error codes – Address.Results.ErrorCodes had an issue where it would sometimes return Service.Results.ErrorCodes. (Ex: If no city or state were submitted.) That has been fixed and only Address error codes specified in the documentation are returned now.