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Melissa Data strives to give you the most complete and up-to-date information about our products as possible. To do this, we must maintain our documentation. This means the content may not be complete or correct. Use at your own risk!

In order to provide for clarity and facilitate planning, Melissa is publishing a release date calendar for our product. However, this is not simply putting some dates on a spreadsheet. We are also working on optimizing our internal processes as well as better defining our data source acquisition timelines with our partners to provide a more stable and consistent release schedule. We will be adding more products as we systematically review and optimize our full suite of solutions.

Release Windows

We cannot always ensure that a product release will go out on an exact date for a variety of reasons. The specified Release Window specifies the number of business days in which we expect that product to release. This number is the total number of days, not before + after. So for example, if we specify a release date as 1/15/2022 and a release window of 3 days, we expect the release to be between 1/14/2022-1/16/2022.

Release Schedule

Product(s) Download Name Release Date Release Window
Monthly Releases
  • Data Quality Suite Upcoming 3 Days
  • GeoCoder Object Upcoming 3 Days