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Express Entry Navigation
Custom Mapping

Custom Mapping Express Entry

1. Navigate to the configuration screen. If you need more details on locating the configuration screen, see the Configuration tutorial.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 01 - Configuration - Melissa Wiki
Navigate to Configuration

2. Click the Advanced Mapping tab.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 02 - Advanced Mapping - Melissa Wiki
Click Advanced Mapping

3. Click the Load Entities button. This queries the Dynamics organization for a full list of the entities that exist within your system and populates the list of attributes that are associated with the entity.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 03 - Load Entities - Melissa Wiki
Click Load Entities

4. Select an entity from the dropdown list. If a mapping has already been established for a particular entity, the fields should automatically be populated.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 04 - Select Entity - Melissa Wiki
Select Entity

5. Type the name of the desired custom or out of box field. In order to assist the field entry process, the field names should be auto-completed with only the correct field names for that entity. The names should be the exact names that are assigned in Dynamics. These names can be viewed in the Fields section for that particular entity.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 05 - Field Name - Melissa Wiki
Type Field Name

6. After the field names have been filled in, click the Save Mapping button to save your settings.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 05b - Save Mapping - Melissa Wiki
Click Save Mapping

Adding Express Entry to a Custom Entity

7. Navigate to the Forms option for the entity you want to add Express Entry to.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 06 - Custom Entity - Melissa Wiki
Navigate to entity's Form

8. Select the form with the Main form type.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 07 - Main Form - Melissa Wiki
Select Main form

9. Click the Form Properties button at the top of the new pop-up.

10. Click the Add button under Form Libraries.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 08 - Add Libraries - Melissa Wiki
Click Add

11. Search for md_ee_autocomplete. There should be two options available: md_ee_autocomplete1 and md_ee_autocomplete2. Add both of these resources to the form properties. Dynamics requires these resources to be added one at a time.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 09 - Search Autocomplete - Melissa Wiki
Search for md_ee_autocomplete

12. Once the libraries are added, click the Add button under the Event Handlers section of Form Properties.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 10 - Add Event Handlers - Melissa Wiki
Click Add

13. In the Handler Properties window pop-up, add the following functions:

  1. Library: md_ee_autcomplete1
    1. ExpressEntry
    2. ExpressEntryCity
    3. ExpressEntryZip
    4. ExpressEntryCountry
  2. Library: md_ee_autocomplete2
    1. ExpressEntry2
    2. ExpressEntryCity2
    3. ExpressEntryZip2
    4. ExpressEntryCountry2
Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 11 - Event Handler List - Melissa Wiki
Event Handler List

14. Save then Publish these customizations.

Dynamics ExpressEntry CustomMapping 12 - Auto-complete - Melissa Wiki

15. Make sure the entity has the correct mappings and Express Entry should be working on the new entity.