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Global Verify Tutorial

Note: In order to use the Global Verify service, you must first configure the License Key and options.

This tutorial will teach you how to use the Global Verify solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Contact entity.

1. Begin by navigating to the Contacts section. To do this, click the down arrow next to Sales, then click Sales, and then click Contacts under the Customers category.

Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 01 - Contacts - Melissa Wiki
Click Contacts

2. Click New to create a new Contact.

Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 02 - New - Melissa Wiki
Click New

3. Enter the necessary input information. This includes Full Name, Email, Mobile Phone, and Address.

Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 03 - Input - Melissa Wiki
Enter input information

4. Click the Global Verify button.

Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 04 - Global Verify - Melissa Wiki
Click the Global Verify button

5. Ensure the Process Date field reflects the current date and time.

Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 05 - Verify - Melissa Wiki
Verify Process Date

6. Now you can review the processed input details.

  • Melissa Global Address Tab:
Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 06a - Address - Melissa Wiki
Global Address Tab

  • Melissa Global Email Tab:
Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 06b - Email - Melissa Wiki
Global Email Tab

  • Melissa Global Phone Tab:
Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 06c - Phone - Melissa Wiki
Global Phone Tab

  • Melissa Global Name Tab:
Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 06d - Name - Melissa Wiki
Global Name Tab

Note: If a second address was entered in the input fields above, it would be processed below in a Melissa Data Address 2 Details section.

7. Click Overwrite Input button to view possible input value replacements. Select which fields you want to overwrite, and click Confirm to finalize the changes.

Dynamics GlobalVerify Tutorial 07 - Confirm - Melissa Wiki
Click Overwrite Input then Confirm