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Personator Navigation
Custom Mapping
Result Codes
Result Codes

Configuring Personator

1. Begin by navigating to Settings in the top ribbon. To do this, click Sales along the top, then click Settings in the menu that drops down.

Click Settings

2. Click Solutions in the Customization category.

Click Solutions

3. Click the MDPersonatorPlugin under Display Name.

Click the MDPersonatorPlugin

4. Click Configuration in the solution pane located on the left side of the window.

Click Configuration

5. Then enter your License Key into the License field

Enter your License Key

6. Select which actions that you want to perform.

Select your desired actions

7. Select your desired options for the Check action.

Select Check options

8. Select your desired options for the Verify and Append actions.

Select Verify and Append options

9. Select your desired output options.

Select output options

10. Select your desired Dynamics CRM options.

Select Dynamics CRM options

11. Click Save All Settings to save these configurations. This completes the configuration.  

Click Set