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Result Codes

Personator Tutorial

Note: In order to use the Personator service, you must first configure the License Key and options.

This tutorial will teach you how to use the Personator service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Contact entity.

1. Begin by navigating to Contacts. To do this, click Sales along the top, then click Sales in the menu that drops down. Then click Contacts under the Customers category.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 01 - Contacts - Melissa Wiki
Click Contacts

2. Click New to create a new Contact.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 02 - New Contact - Melissa Wiki
Click New to create a new Contact

3. Enter a first name and last name into the appropriate fields, then click Done.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 03 - Name - Melissa Wiki
Enter information and click Done

4. Enter the input information. Address will be entered in this example. Click Done when you finish.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 04 - Address - Melissa Wiki
Enter input information

5. Click the Personator button.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 05 - Personator - Melissa Wiki
Click Personator button

6. Verify that the Process Date field reflects the current date and time.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 06 - Process Date - Melissa Wiki
Verify Process Date

7. The Results field will show a list of result codes for your records. This is the first place you will look to determine what has happened with your data. For a list of result codes returned by the Personator solution, see Dynamics CRM Personator Solution Result Codes.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 07 - Results - Melissa Wiki
View Results

8. To see more field details, click any of the output tabs to see their respective fields.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 08 - Output - Melissa Wiki
Select tabs to view output

9.Click Overwrite Input button to view possible input value replacements. Select which fields you want to overwrite, and click Confirm to finalize the changes.

Dynamics Personator Tutorial 09 - Overwrite Input - Melissa Wiki
Select what input to overwrite