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Express Entry supports filtering of results in the U.S., using the GlobalExpressFreeForm endpoint, and by the following criteria:

  • Postal Code
  • ZIP Centroid
  • State
  • City - using all ZIP codes in a city to filter by that city
  • Distance from a point given with Latitude and Longitude
  • Residential/Business Delivery Indication

The filter type can be one of the following:

  • Blank: Move preferred addresses to the top of the list and keep existing results
  • White List: Only allow addresses that meet the criteria given
  • Black List: Only allow addresses that don’t meet the criteria given


Postal Code

Using this filter with a white list will restrict results to that ZIP Code. With a black list, it will eliminate addresses in that ZIP Code. Multiple postal codes may be selected as described in Example REST Requests.

ZIP Centroid

This filter supports white list searches only. It can be used to search for addresses that are within ‘x’ miles of a ZIP Code.


With this filter, addresses may be selected by state or states.

Latitude and Longitude

Addresses within range of a point defined by latitude and longitude are returned, all others are eliminated.


Include or exclude addresses based on whether the addresses are Business, Residential, or Unknown.

Sorting by Distance from a Lat/Long Point

Express Entry supports sorting of results by distance from a latitude/longitude point, see the #9 example sorting REST request below.

Example REST Requests

Add the following parameters to enable filtering of results in Global Express Entry:

1. Preferred ZIP Code, results at top of list (leave &listwhite out to make addresses in the ZIP code appear at top of results, not filtering them out):

2. Blacklist all addresses in given ZIP Code:

3. Multiple ZIP Codes:,97302,97304&listwhite=true

4. Return addresses within 10 mile range of a ZIP code:

5. Preferred list of 2 states:,WA&listwhite=true

6. Within 12 miles of a point given by latitude and longitude:,-122.594696&maxdistance=12

7. RBDI - Residential addresses only:

8. Results sorted by distance from a point with a maximum of 50 miles:,-83.379970&sortType=distance&maxDistance=50

9. Results sorted by distance from a latitude/longitude point, no maximum distance: