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How do I update my License Key for a Contact Verification Server?

  1. Go to Environment Variables (Right Click on My Computer, go to Properties, then Advanced System Settings, and click on the Environment Variables button.)
  2. Find the MD_LICENSE variable under system variables.
  3. Replace that value with the new License Key. Click OK.
  4. Reset IIS for the web service to pick up the new License Key. Make sure to do so under Administrator mode (Right click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator. Then type in "iisreset". The reset should take a few seconds). Do not reset from within the IIS manager console. There have been a number of cases where the console did not fully reset IIS and allow the web service to pick up the new License Key).

Is there a testing tool included with the CVS?

Yes. Include a tester that will hit the installed services with just one record to test that the services are up and running. This is not an exhaustive test but should be good enough to ensure the service is working.

The tester is located in C:\Scripts\MD_tools. Here are some information in running this tool.
Open WebSmartTestConfig.ini. Make sure the URL's in here are pointed to the local machine. The tester will hit the services using these URL's. If you have the machine behind a load balancer, you should set your host file to ensure you are hitting the desired server.
Run XMLServerTester.exe -services aegnp -protocols sxr each letter in aegnp represents a different service to test. sxr represent the soap, xml, and rest protocols. Type XMLServerTester.exe -h for help file. Note that not every service this tester can test is included on the CVS.

What is not provided with the CVS?

The windows license is not included with the CVS. This is because most organizations have bulk licenses with Microsoft, especially when using virtual machines. Those license should not be shared between Melissa Data and your organization. Therefore, the cost of the OS license is not included in the cost of the CVS.

What virtual software is the CVS available for?

The CVS can be made available in both VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.

What TCP Ports need to be opened on the appliance?

The following ports should be open on the appliance.
RDP: 6892 or custom. 
FTP: 21 
HTTP: 80 
SMTP: 25 or custom port defined in configuration script.