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ListWare Basics

What is the latest version of ListWare?

The current version is 6.0 build #4495

Why should I update my ListWare version?

Each update may include improvements to the program, along with new service options and pricing.

Do I have to use ListWare to take advantage of data enhancement services?

No. You can submit your file using any media of your choice. But ListWare prepares your file for fast, efficient processing, saves you $50 in setup fees, provides you an upfront invoice, speeds turnaround, keeps your data safe and secure while in transit, and automatically updates your original database with the returned information.

Are all the data enhancement services available through ListWare?

No. But new services and service combinations are being added all the time. There are currently 19 processing options available using ListWare, and many include a combination of popular services for your convenience

How long will it take to process my list?

Files through the automation program could be return in minutes to a few hours. Custom files are returned in 24 hours or less. Files requiring more than one service may take longer. Please call if you have not heard from the DES department with-in 24 hours.

Does NCOA meet USPS requirements as a move-update option?

Yes. NCOA, provided by a non-exclusive licensee of the e USPS, is recognized by the postal service as a qualifying move-update option for First-Class Mail and standard mail and is good for 95days.

ListWare Usage

I have an Access file and ListWare won’t open it. What do I do?

Convert your access table to a tab delimited text file and then try to open that in ListWare. ListWare then should ask to convert that to a database (.dbf) to process. The reason we don’t recommend customers to convert directly from Access to .dbf is that the amount of fields can bomb the conversion.

I have an excel file. What is the best way to process through ListWare?

Convert your excel file to a tab delimited text file and then try to open that in ListWare. ListWare then should ask to convert that to a database (.dbf) to process.

How do I order other processes that are not available through ListWare?

It’s very easy. Simply contact a DES specialist and let them know what services you are interested in ordering. They can process your list for all services requested at the same time, whether they are ListWare supported, or not.

Why can’t I open the zipped return file?

The return file needs to be opened in ListWare because it is encrypted for data security. The zip file itself is only a small portion of your original database.

I’m ready to update my original file. Why is the update button grayed out?

If you have moved your file since saving it in n ListWare, you will need to return it to the original folder location.