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|ReleaseDate=May 2012

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GeoCoder Object Info
Release Date May 2012
Current Build 1979
Supported Platform Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris SPARC, HP-UX, AIX
Supported Language Visual Basic, C++, C

GeoCoder Object enables you to access geographic data using your ZIP Code™ and optional Plus4. This allows you to obtain latitude and longitude geographic coordinates, census tract and block numbers, as well as county name and FIPS numbers.



Results Codes



Current Build

Build 1979

Released May 2012

Functionality Changes
  • Geocoding for DeliveryPlus (Non-USPS) records now use the new format AddressKeys. In order to geocode DeliveryPlus addresses, you must be use Address Object Build 1960 or later.
Data File Changes
  • This update of Geocoder contains the new 2010 Census information.

Build History