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Geocoder Object Previous Updates


We are excited to introduce a major update to our Geocoder Object product. We have made a series of improvements and added a number of new features and outputs. In order to take advantage of these new features and improvements, please make sure to update your geocoder object as well as the geocoder data files from the most recent update. Here are the key important items to know for this update.

New Object and Data File

This update uses a new object and new data file. The previous versions of geocoder object will not be able to load this new data file. For the sake of backwards compatibility, we will continue to supply the old version of the data file until Quarter 2 of 2019. Please update your geocoder object as soon as possible to take advantage of the new improvements.
The new data file is mdGeoCode.db3.

New Input (MAK)

We have a new input property of MAK (Melissa Address Key). This value is returned by our other address products such as Address Object and Personator.

Improved Census Precision

We have improved the precision of our census values (such as census tract and block) returned by the service. By leveraging the information in the new data file, we can be more precise with the exact census values around county and city borders. Additionally with the use of MAK input which is more precise than addresskey, we can return back the most granular result possible.

New Output

We have added a number of new output values to the product that is now available without additional cost. They include:
  • County Subdivision
  • Elementary school district
  • Secondary school district
  • Unified school district
  • Upper and Lower legislative district
  • Census block suffix