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With the Global Address Data dataset, you get information on every address in your jurisdiction any way you want it – by ZIP Code, City, County, Postal Code, Voting District or any shape-based search. It includes all of the following data points, including information on PO Boxes and even undeliverable addresses.

Global Address Data covers Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, and Canada.

  • Precise Address - Address Lines, City, State, and ZIP+4 Code)
  • Parsed Address Components
  • Melissa Address Key (MAK) – Unique 10-digit number for each individual physical address’
  • Base MAK – Identification of the record’s parent address for suites, apartments and PO Boxes
  • Address Type – PO Box, High Rise, Street Address, Rural Address, Unique ZIP Code
  • Residential-Delivery Indicator – Determine if an address is a residence or business address
  • Latitude-Longitude Coordinate – Precise rooftop or interpolated rooftop geocode for address
  • County FIPS Code
  • Census Key

Features and Benefits

What Makes Global Address Data Unique?

Melissa Address Key (MAK) is what makes the Global Address Data product unique. This unique, 10-digit number identifies each discrete physical address and aligns a multitude of additional location information with the address. For example, each apartment in an apartment building, or suites in an office building are assigned an individual MAK number and the parent building has its own individual MAK number. Once you have the MAK numbers for a particular area – no matter how each address changes, or if new addresses are added – you will know exactly what the changes are. It’s complete coverage, and complete intelligence that you can use to optimize route planning, resource allocation, utilities management – and more!

  • Our Global Address Data table is a monthly updated database of all of the properties in the US
  • Resolution of the Global Address Data table is all the way down to APT or SUITE level – BASE MAK identified for base location (office)
  • Very easy to search and match records
  • Makes address data anonymous
  • Over 5000 5 digit ZIPs change per year and over 50,000 ZIP+4 changes per year – MAK numbers never change