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Transliteration and Translation Codes

When utilizing the Global Address Object features for alphabet and character set mapping there are input parameters and result codes which outline how successful the Object was at processing the requested alphabet. The result codes for this are located here: TX Result Codes

Postal Address Output Formats

After validation and correction has been attempted, the resulting address data will be formatted for the correct postal standard for the destination country. This formatting will vary per country based on the postal rules for this country, types of address elements supported, and postal code system which may or may not exist. For this reason, information format codes are provided to allow the user of Global Address Object to determine if the formatting was applied correctly based on country.

Format Codes

  • F1 - All address elements were used in formatting the output address. This is the default no result code this is implied
  • F2 – Most or partial address elements were not utilized for successfully formatting the output address
  • F3 - The default address format for the destination country was used to format the output address