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Watch your email reputation

Email marketing campaign servers with a low email reputation score will typically experience aggressive algorithms that will filter every email coming from that specific IP address. On the other hand, maintaining a high reputation score will see less intrusive filtering only applied to individual emails and email campaigns instead of blanket IP addresses. It would be definitely beneficial to not let other users to influence your email reputation. For example, if you are on a shared server – other companies/users could be sending out their own campaigns without filtering emails through our service. It would be a waste if you spent all the time and investment controlling your email campaigns and someone else is just email blasting causing the entire IP to be affected.

Improve your email reputation

After using our service to filter out emails, if the scores are already terrible for your current email campaign server IPs, it might benefit to do email campaigns on a new or more reputable IP to see better ROI. This would start your email reputation on a clean slate. As a disclaimer, we are not sure how feasible this would be for everybody but your team will need to discuss internally. However, using our service on existing IP should raise the reputation score for that specific IP. On IPs with existing completed high volume campaigns, the scores will be slow to change.