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Released March 2021

  • Added request property – Country
  • The underlying service and backend data have been completely rebuilt. Supplying an input Country property to the request with the new backend developments will enable more accurate name parsing for recognized countries, cultures, and languages.
  • Option NameHints : 2,3,5, and 6 – are deprecated and will resolve to varying (NameHint:4)
  • Option NameHints : 8 and 9 - are obsolete and will resolve to varying (NameHint:4)
  • Option Middle name logic – is now ignored. Middle name logic will be determined by the supplied Country, enabling simultaneous processing of records from different countries.
  • Added Response properties – NickName, NickName2, Professional Title, Professional Title2, and Salutation have been added.
  • Option Salutation Order added – based on the format of the input name, the service will attempt to return the desired salutation type.
  • Unicode support. We now support Unicode name requests. Result code NE08 is deprecated.


Released May 2015

  • Added UTF8 detection, input/output support, and corresponding error Result Code (NE08)
  • Added German prefixes / suffixes


Released September 2014

  • Initial Release