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Does IP Locator support IPv6 lookup?

Yes, IP Locator supports IPv6 Lookups.

Does the IP web service support XML?

No, IP Locator only supports the JSON format for requests and responses.

How accurate is the Latitude/longitude returned?

Melissa Data’s IP Locator uses 20 different techniques to determine the physical location of an IP address.

This is the secret sauce behind a better understanding of the topology of the internet.

  1. ASN/BGP routes
  2. Mobile Carrier owned IPs Database
  3. Partner submitted Internet Topology
  4. Proxy Data lists
  5. Domain Data
  6. Proprietary Clustering Analysis algorithms
  7. Reverse DNS information
  8. Wireless WIFI Endpoints Map
  9. Domain Expansion algorithms
  10. Company Name Databases
  11. Organization Name databases
  12. Whois data
  13. T1, t3, OC3, OC12 Registries
  14. Cable, Dial up, DSL registries
  15. Geography
  16. Realtime IP Connections through Skyhook Wireless
  17. Regional Internet Registries
  18. Web Spidering technology
  19. Dynamic IP Pool Mapping
  20. DSLAM, CMTS, POP Server analysis

It is not going to be true location, but it is calculated using several techniques to get the best possible accurate lat/long centroid.