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Data Quality Web Service known issues.

DPV Footnotes

  • DPV Footnotes can sometimes change for certain addresses after many consecutive calls.
  • The format of the DPV Footnotes has been changed to reflect CASS rules as required by the USPS.
DPV Footnotes were previously returned with a space between each footnote. Per CASS rules the footnotes no longer have spaces between them. Each footnote is always two characters in length so interpretation of the footnotes should still be easily done.”

Important note

We have upgraded to Windows 2003 and IIS 6. This is to increase performance and reliability. If you have started receiving any of these errors please review you code for any improper posting practices.

Error 400 - Bad Request
Error 403.1 - Execute Access Forbidden

Our servers will not accept non-standard HTTP postings.

The action verb POST in your code specifically must be in upper case or it will be rejected as an unauthorized application.

Also make sure you are not sending any hard returns which will also be rejected as a bad request.

Here is an example of the incorrect posting method from a sample program.
$CustomerID = "123456789"; 
:$method = "post";
:$host = "";
:$usepath = "/xml.asp";
Here you can see the correct use of the POST action.
$CustomerID = "123456789";
$method = "POST";
$host = "";
$usepath = "/xml.asp";
This is the required structure for an incoming Initial POST request packet
Request Method = POST
Uniform Resource Identifier = /xml.asp
Protocol Version = HTTP/1.0 CRLF
Accept = */* CRLF
Content Type = text/xml CRLF
Content Length = $strlen CRLF CRLF

The CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed) is required. Two CRLF’s are required to end the packet.


Melissa Data is pleased to announce three new upgrades to our Data Quality Web Service to improve traffic flow. These improvements include 1) Load Balancing for All Servers, 2) Extended Hours Tech Support, and 3) Server Maintenance Schedule.

Load Balancing for All Servers

We now have a Load Balancing solution in place so that you are no longer required to poll across all servers. With this new upgrade, you should no longer experience occasional downtime. Maintenance on individual servers will go undetected by DQWS subscribers since the load balancer will not send a record to an offline server.

Both of the following URLs point directly to the load balancer.

Server Maintenance Schedule
Please be aware that Melissa Data will update its data files and perform other server maintenance as required every Thursday at 11 a.m., Pacific Standard Time. There should be no interruption of service during maintenance since no more then one server at any given time will be taken offline for maintenance.

Here is an example of the incorrect posting method from a sample program.

$CustomerID = "123456789"; 
$method = "post";
$host = "";
$usepath = "/v2/SOAP/Service.svc";