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Installation / Running Issues

Operating System Compatability

My version of StyleList will not run on Windows Server 20xx? This version of StyleList was created with a compiler before this operating system was released and may have an OS compatability issue. Go to the Compatibility section (right click on the StyleList icon > Properties > Compatibility tab).... and select ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for …’ and choose an earlier operating system like Windows 2000 or Windows 98.

Operating System Data Access Prevention

My version of StyleList will not run on Windows Server 20xx? Newer operating systems sometimes prevent older applications from running in what is called Data Execution Prevention. Try changing the DEP settings via Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Data Execution Prevention... And select ‘Turn on DEP for all programs except…’ then ‘Add’ your StyleList executable.

Unknown Application or Program Files Not Found

My StyleList is not recognized when I try to run…

 1.   select Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options 
 2.   View > uncheck Hide extensions from known folder types

UAC issues

1.First Try – Right Click MatchUp shortcut and select Run As Admin. Alternately,…

To configure an application to always run elevated A. Right-click an application that is not likely to have been assigned an administrative token, such as a word processing application. B. Click Properties, and then select the Compatibility tab. C. Under Privilege Level, select Run this program as an administrator, and then click OK.

2.Change your UAC settings…

A. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. B. In Control Panel, click User Accounts. C. In the User Accounts window, click User Accounts. D. In the User Accounts tasks window, click Turn User Account Control on or off. or Change User Account Control settings E. Lower the security (notify) setting

Installation Location

You can also try installing outside the c:\program files folder – like directly on the c drive, or even better another drive like d:\SL\

Processing Issues

Phone data type

  • Input phone patterns with slashes do not process correctly. The Output phone is left unchanged.

Company data type

  • 4 letter last names are returned UPPER cased, like they’re acronyms. These are words not in either Company lookup table, which may be present in a company ( i.e. A law firm ‘Brown, Best & Byle LLC’ returns ‘Brown, Best & BYLE, LLC’.

CSZ data type

  • Cities which are also a State get abbreviated when processing City State Zip data.
Ex. Washington, GA > Wa, Ga
Washington, Georgia > Washington, Georgia

Name data type

  • Punctuation does not get added to a middle initial ‘O’ ( ‘O’ gets a special treatment in processing in its attempt to recognize ‘Irish’ formatted last names ).
Ex. John N Smith > John N. Smith 
John O Smith > John O Smith

Add Punctuation

  • Does not work if you choose ‘No casing’ ( the casing option overrides the add punctuation option ).
Dr. Smith > Dr. Smith 

CSZ data type

  • The “New York” in “Anytown, New York 11111” does not get abbreviated for a target size 22, but “Anytown, Georgia 11111” does.

Expand: Address data type

  • A street address entry with an ampersand causes one of the few words which have a 'start / end' flag in the lookup table to get processed incorrectly. Start / End means that it is a word which has a different expansion for its location. St at the start of an address field is more likely to be 'Saint', at the end 'Street'.
Ex. 21st. & St. Louis St. > 21st Street Louis Street
2 St. Louis St. > 2 St Louis Street


  • If you are sitting on the last record, and you select either of the ‘Next’ edit buttons, the program will crash.


  • If you select ‘Any Field’ on the ‘Locate Again’ tool, the program will crash.