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Request Parameters
XML Response
Occupant Result Codes

File Types

File Format Value to Specify in URL
Zipped .txt file=2
Zipped .csv file=3
Zipped .xls file=5
.txt file=7
.csv file=8
.xls file=10

Columns in File

Column Max Length Description
RBDI 20 Residential/Business Indicator
Title 20 Mail to Line 1
Address 64 Mailing street address
City 28 Mailing city name
State 2 Mailing state
Zip 5 Mailing zip
Plus4 4 Maling zip4
Walkseq 9 Walk Sequence Number
Crrt 4 Mailing carrier route
Endose 30 Postal Endorsement
City_rural 1 Carrie Route Type
dpb 2 2-digit Delivery Point
dpbc 20 Delivery Point Check Digit
PreName 10 Primary Pre Name
FirstName 20 Primary First Name
Initial 1 Primary Middle Initital
LastName 20 Primary Last Name
PostName 5 Primary Name Suffix
updateD 10 Last update date of Carrier Route