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Business Coder Navigation
Result Codes
Result Codes

Installing Business Coder

1. Begin by navigating to Solutions. To do this, first click Sales along the top, then click Settings in the menu that drops down, then click Solutions under the Customization category.

Click Solutions

2. Click the Import button.

Click Import

3. A window will pop-up. Click the Choose File button to select a solution package, then click Next.

Click Choose File

4. A file explorer window will pop-up. Please locate the plugin .zip file that contains the Business Coder solution. Click Open and then click Next.

Click Open then Next

5. A window will display the solution information for the Business Coder Plugin .Click Next.

Click Next

6. Then the import options will display. Click Import.

Click Import

7. Wait for the solution to finish importing.

Wait for importing to finish

8. The Buseiness Coder Plugin import should complete successfully. Click Close.

Click Close

9. Click Publish All Customizations. The installation is now complete.

Click Publish All Customizations

To configure Business Coder, see Configuration.