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Business Coder Tutorial

Note: In order to use the Business Coder service, you must first configure the License Key and options.

This tutorial will teach you how to use the Business Coder solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Competitor entity.

1. Begin by navigating to Competitors. To do this, click the Sales button on the top ribbon, then click Competitors.

Dynamics BusinessCoder Tutorial 01 - Competitors - Melissa Wiki
Click Competitors

2. Click New to create a new Competitor.

Dynamics BusinessCoder Tutorial 02 - New - Melissa Wiki
Click New to create a new Competitor

3. Enter the new competitor information. Click Done when finished.

Dynamics BusinessCoder Tutorial 03 - Information - Melissa Wiki
Enter competitor information

4. Once you add a new competitor the Business Coder Details section will be added. Click Business Coder to populate the fields.

Dynamics BusinessCoder Tutorial 04 - Business Coder - Melissa Wiki
Click Business Coder

5. View the Business Coder Details section.

Dynamics BusinessCoder Tutorial 05 - Details - Melissa Wiki
View Business Coder Details